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PrizePicks Promo Code

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PrizePicks invites you to join up with them and get your first deposit match of up to $100. No PrizePicks promo code needed for this one, only managing the T&Cs exactly as stated on the operator’s page. For all the details you need about the brand and the promo code, we guide you through everything with our awesome review.

PrizePicks Promo Code

How to Use the Promo Code

If the PrizePicks sign up bonus sounds interesting to you, one needs to follow a few simple steps to obtain it. You need to start by creating an account and then add some funds to your account in order to activate the PrizePicks deposit match offer. Apart from following the rest of the main T&Cs, you also need to be from one of the states the operator is live in and also have at least 21 years of age.

💰PrizePicks Promo CodeNo Code Needed
🎁PrizePicks Welcome Offer100% Deposit Match Bonus Up To $100
🌎Available StatesAZ, CO, IL, KS, MI, VA, WY, DC, MA, AL, AK, AR, CA, GA, KY, MN, NE, NM, NC, ND, OK, OR, RI, SC, SD, TX, UT, VT, WI
📜 T&CsMust be at least 19 years of age and within applicable state (21+ in AZ and MA). Pick Em games available in AK, AR, AZ, CA, DC, GA, IL, IN, KS, KY, MA, MN, NE, NM, NC, ND, OK, OR, RI, SC, SD, TX, UT, VT, VA, WI only. Arena games available in AL, TN, WV, WY only. Full T&C apply.
💲PrizePicks Payout10x the lineup fee for Power Play
25x the lineup fee for Flex Play
📱iOS and Android AppAvailable

What is PrizePicks and How it Works

How does PrizePicks work? It is a simple question but one that comes with a very easy answer. First of all, PrizePicks is your go-to place when it comes to fantasy sports. The most popular sections being US-based sports like Foobtall, NBA PrizePicks, NFL PrizePicks, and more.

Daily fantasy sports are already popular in the US but are slowly reaching its wide acclaim all over the world as well. In order to participate in betting fantasy football, for instance, you only need to create an account and pick the sport that you like.

PrizePicks is available in over 30 states across the US. To use it, you simply need to be from one of those states, be of legal age, and add funds to your account in order to bet.

To play fantasy sports with PrizePicks, you simply need to pick between more or less on 2 to 6 player squares. If you want more excitement, you can opt for Power Plays. So if you decide to opt for a 4-Pick Power play, you can get as much as a 10x payout.

However, there are Flex Plays as well. These are aimed at casual players and are considered much safer. In this case, you can get a return even if a couple of your picks don’t hit. For that reason, these are usually recommended to completely new players that are still inexperienced and are just starting out.

So, for example, a 6-Pick Flex play, if all picks are correct, can earn a person 25x payout. But if you get four out of six correct, you still get something back as then the total comes to a 4x payout.

PrizePicks Mobile Homepage

How to Sign up for PrizePicks

To start using the operator and bet on Daily Fantasy Sports, you are going to need an account. The way PrizePicks works is that you can’t do anything without becoming an official member. Luckily, you have two ways of joining the brand – via the main site or the app.

Here is one of the ways to do it.

  1. Open the main PrizePicks page or download the app.
  2. Click the Sign Up button.
  3. Enter the necessary details in the required fields.
  4. Use the PrizePicks promo code, if available.
  5. Confirm your registration.
PrizePicks Registration Step One
PrizePicks Registration Step Three
PrizePicks Registration Step Five

Payment Options

To help the players enjoy the time of their lives. The operator has added a variety of payment options to help them start betting. As you may assume, it makes things a lot easier, especially if you are gunning for a PrizePicks deposit match offer that the brand is running.

To add funds to your virtual wallet, you can use:

  • Visa Credit or Debit Cards.
  • Discover Credit or Debit Cards.
  • Mastercard for eligible states (AL, AZ, CO, IN, VT, VA).
  • Apple Pay.
  • PayPal.
  • Instant Bank Transfer.

After gathering some winnings, you can transfer them to any bank account, PayPal account, or debit card that you’ve previously used to deposit funds. The PrizePicks minimum deposit depends on the payment option you decide to go with.

You should also be familiar with how to use promo money on PrizePicks. The funds obtained from the PrizePicks sign up bonus are used initially. After you spend those, you can add some more to continue betting. Also, if you add additional funds alongside the promo funds, the promotional ones will still be used first until they are gone.

PrizePicks Promotions and Features for Existing Customers

If you think that the PrizePicks deposit match offer is the only promo on the table, you are gravely mistaken. While there are no PrizePicks promo code for existing users there are still promotional offers that are meant for long-term users of the site. Currently, the ones that you can redeem include Flex Friday and Taco Tuesday.

Offers for Existing Customers

Flex Friday

The brand releases a variety of promotion offers revolving around Flex Plays every Friday. You can check them out and pick the ones that seem the most suitable. The best thing about this promotion is that you don’t have to be a new user to redeem them. They are meant for existing players to use them whenever they are available.

However, as with other promotions, users have to be of legal age in order to redeem the PrizePicks Friday promo and to be located in the state where the operator is live when trying to obtain them.

Taco Tuesday

Taco Tuesday probably reminds everyone of their childhood. At PrizePics, you don’t actually get tacos, but you still get a variety of tasty discounted projections that you can use whenever they become available.

What you need to do is go to the site every Tuesday and see what is available. The offers will be available during the entire day. As before, it is available to current players and they do need to be of legal age and located in the state where the brand is live.

PrizePicks Demons and Goblins

PrizePicks also offers its users a chance to earn up to 100x payouts. This can become available through their newest Denibs and Goblins promotion. When betting, you will have two types of squares – red and green. Consequently, they are either Demons or Goblins.

Those that are marked as Demons come with higher payouts, up to 100X, to be exact. However, these are harder to win compared to Goblins.

On the other hand, Goblins are extremely easy to win, hence the suiting green color. However, the payouts are much lower. When betting, you can add as many Demons and Goblins as you like, and of course, add both of them at the same time.

PrizePicks Demons and Goblins

PrizePicks Referral Code

With PrizePicks, there are more ways to get a possible return than just betting or playing DFS. You can get the PrizePicks referral bonus by referring some of your friends or people that you know. So how does PrizePicks work when it comes to referral codes?

You send one code out to one of your friends, and if they decide to register an account with it and become a member of the platform, you automatically get $25. Not only that, you can get more referrals, not only one. So the more friends you have and the more decide to join and deposit, the larger your PrizePicks referral bonus can be.

PrizePicks Referral Code

PrizePicks Mobile App and Website

One of the best things about PrizePicsk Daily Fantasy Sports is that you can play via their app. Most users prefer playing via the app as it provides them with the convenience of wagering from anywhere at any time. More so, the app is available to both iOS and Android users, so you can make your pick based on the one you want to use.

On the other hand, being that it is also possible to bet on fantasy sports via the desktop site, you can also use your mobile phone to load the site through your native browser. It works similarly to the app as you have most of the main features available to use.

You should know, that no matter if you are using the mobile site or the app, you can still redeem the PrizePicks sign up bonus. As long as you complete the terms and conditions in the manner as stated on the site, you can redeem the offer via mobile as well. Unfortunately, PrizePicks promo code for existing users don’t really exist at the moment, so these are a bit harder to obtain.

PrizePicks Available Sports

When it comes to the Daily Fantasy Sports available on PrizePicks, you literally get the most popular ones possible. American sports are what fans look for the most, so these are a must. The main offer consists of NFL, NCAA Football, MLB, NBA, and NHL. But the operator does have plans to expand to other ones in the future.

NBA Bet Types

As one of the most popular and probably the best basketball leagues in the world, the NBA attracts viewers from all over the globe. When it comes to DFS, it is one of the most popular leagues to bet on. US players from all over the country use PrizePicks are their preferred method of DFS betting. And to tell the truth, it is one of the better ones available.

The bet types offered on PrizePicks, as far as the NBA goes, will include point totals, assist totals, rebound totals, 3-pointers made, combined blocks and steals, free throws made, etc.

MLB Bet Types

When it comes to MLB, you can easily find a way to play daily fantasy here. PrizePicks offers its users a place where people can enjoy playing fantasy on one of the best baseball leagues in the world. The opportunities gathered here are enough to make even the most hardcore players happy.

With PrizePicks, you can bet on hits, hits and walks combined, strikeouts, total bases, and more as far as the MLB fantasy goes.

NHL Bet Types

At the start of every NHL season, people gather around to find places for their daily fantasy needs. Not a lot of sites have a suitable way to provide you with appropriate hockey fantasy opportunities. But this one definitely has. You can play NHL daily fantasy and place your bets with the knowledge that you are doing it on one of the best places possible.

As far as the usual bet types go, they include recorded shots, shots on goal, goals, points and, assists.

NFL Bet Types

NFL daily fantasy is the crown jewel of the site. It is the most popular daily fantasy sport that people play and one that definitely works best. PrizePicks is mainly known for its NFL daily fantasy and they truly do excellent work when it comes to football daily fantasy. Definitely something that is recommended to every fan to try.

The bet types offered include Rush/Receiving Touchdowns, Pass Yards, Rushing Yards, Receiving Yards, Receptions, Field Foal Made, Kicking Points, Fantasy Score, and plenty more.

PrizePicks Pros and Cons

During our usage of the PrizePicks site and app, we found a lot of things that were more than appealing. However, there is always some room for improvement, and our sharp reviewer eyes have caught a few that we will highlight here. Hopefully, the shortcomings will be fixed in the future.


  • A platform with stellar navigation: No matter if you are using the app or the desktop site, you can find the selection of sports with ease.
  • Expert customer support: The PrizePicks support team is out of this world.
  • Simple to use for everyone: Even a completely new fantasy player can start using it fast.


  • Unique scoring system: PrizePicks has its very own scoring system, which may require some time to adapt.
  • Ticket limitations: Players on the same team cannot be used for a single lineup.

PrizePicks Customer Support

PrizePicks takes their customers seriously, much more seriously than other operators do. You can start by accessing the Help Center section, where you can find answers to various questions that you may have. If that is not enough, you can contact them directly via live by clicking the Live Support button, which allows you access to customer support agents 24/7.

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PrizePicks FAQ

For a few more questions about the PrizePicks promo code or anything related to the brand, check out the answers below.

To get the funds, you need to join the site as a new user and add an initial deposit. You can read the rest of the requirements in our review or on the operator’s webpage.

Players who accumulate $600 or more in net winnings are required to submit a completed 1099-MISC form to the IRS.

PrizePicks is legal in over 30 states, including AZ, CO, IL, KS, MI, NY, VA, WY, DC, MA, AL, AK, AR, CA, FL, GA, KY, MN, NE, NM, NC, ND, OK, OR, RI, SC, SD, TX, UT, VT, and WI.