Washington DC
Washington DC
Legal betting rules
The District’s relevant authorities have jumped on the post-PASPA bandwagon, with the aim of preventing sports betting tax revenue loss to the neighboring states: Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New Jersey. All of the aforementioned states have either already legalized or are moving towards legalization of sports betting, with gambling closely following suit. The responsible body for regulating and oversight is supposed to be the District Lottery which already organizes and regulates the only form of gambling that is currently legal in the District, which is the lottery.

Washington D.C. Online Gambling

The District of Columbia is very restrictive when it comes to all forms of gambling (excluding Lottery). There are, basically, no casinos on the district grounds, nor is there a way for one to be opened. DC does not grant licenses and most of the residents’ gambling activities take place in the neighboring states, as there are multiple casinos which are just an hour away by car. As far as the Daily Fantasy Sports are concerned, they are considered to be the games of skill, and as such do not fall under the gambling law.

This has not gone unnoticed by the authorities in Washington, who are now seeking to find a way to legalize and regulate gambling in the District. The first move has been made by pushing for legalization of sports betting, both online and in-person. This could be a landmark ruling in the District, which might open doors to further legalization of other forms of gambling.

With the sports betting bill, it is expected, if all goes well and the bill passes, that sports betting will be up and running by the start of the 2019 MLB season. The idea is to legalize both in-person betting at various access points (which, according to some sources might even include hotels) and online betting through sports betting applications for mobile phones.

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