Updated 2022 Stanley Cup Betting Odds

Updated Betting Odds to win 2022 Stanley Cup

After a couple of years of adjusted playoffs, the 2022 Stanley Cup Playoffs are back with the traditional format. There will be 16 teams competing for the right to hoist Lord Stanley’s Cup, and it should be another terrific postseason.

The NHL is often seen as having the best postseason, and this year is absolutely full of terrific teams. Stanley Cup betting odds have been adjusting throughout the year, and they are now set as the playoffs are set to begin.

It is the Colorado Avalanche that will enter the Stanley Cup Playoffs as they now have odds set at +350. Colorado has been in this position since before the season started, and they did nothing during the regular season to force a change.

The Florida Panthers are next on the list, with title odds set at +500, and this team will not be fun to deal with in the playoffs. Florida is scoring over four goals per game, and that is a team that is full of talent.

These odds would suggest that a finals matchup of Colorado and Florida is on tap, but there will likely be some surprises along the way.

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Loaded Group of Contenders

If you don’t think that either the Avalanche or Panthers are going to win the title, then you won’t be short on other teams to back. Here is a look at some of the odds for the top contenders to win the Stanley Cup:

  • Calgary Flames +800
  • Toronto Maple Leafs +900
  • Tampa Bay Lightning +1000
  • Carolina Hurricanes +1200
  • Boston Bruins +1600
  • Minnesota Wild +1600
  • New York Rangers +1600
  • Pittsburgh Penguins +1800
  • St. Louis Blues +1800

The Calgary Flames look to be the toughest competition for the Colorado Avalanche, while the Eastern Conference is full of great teams. Tampa Bay has odds set at +1000 to win the Stanley Cup, and they are also the two-time defending champion.

There are plenty of former Stanley Cup Champions on this list of contenders, and that always makes those teams dangerous.

Don’t Count Anyone Out

When it comes to the NHL Playoffs, counting any team out can be a major mistake as there are always going to be some upsets. “Puck luck” typically comes into play at some point in the playoffs, and one lucky bounce can completely change a series.

One of the top teams is going to get eliminated in one of the early rounds, and that could give one of these underdog teams some momentum. Here are the rest of the odds for teams that are still in contention of making the playoffs:

  • Edmonton Oilers +2200
  • Washington Capitals +3000
  • Vegas Golden Knights +3500
  • Nashville Predators +4000
  • Dallas Stars +4500
  • Los Angeles Kings +6000

It’s interesting to note that the Vegas Golden Knights are likely to be eliminated from the playoff race, but they still have better odds than some other teams. That shows how dangerous one of the teams at the bottom of the standings can be if they get into the field.

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