Bally Sports Adds “Live on the Line” to Regional Sports Network

Backed by the company’s Bally Bet mobile sportsbook app, Bally’s Corporation is always looking for new and innovative ways to expand its market share in the US sports betting industry. Along with continual expansion into new legal markets in the US, sponsorship opportunities are another important part of the plan.

A few years back, Bally Corporation entered into a marketing agreement with Sinclair Broadcasting. The primary benefit of this partnership was the addition of 19 regional sports network brands (RSN’s) under the Bally Sports brand.

More recently, Bally Sports decided to add the sports betting show “Live on the Line” to the broadcast lineup at these RSN’s.

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Live on the Line Lineup

The hourlong sports betting show is hosted by Brad Evans, Dani Klupenger and Camron Smith. Evans is an established sports betting personality in his own right. Klupenger is former college basketball player and Smith is an Emmy-nominated sports reporter.

As one of the show’s creators, Evans believes that this show takes a different approach to sports betting in general. He continues to rely on his vast industry experience as well as his die-hard love of sports in general.

Now that more than 30 states plus the District of Columbia offer legal sports betting in some form, the timing could be right for a show of this nature. Live on the Line provides expansive information on active betting lines as well as a number of actual game predictions.

However, the spin could be in the humorous interaction between the three hosts. Each adds a unique perspective on sports betting based on their particular background. The main goal is to keep viewers entertained while adding valuable betting insight into the matchup at hand.

As a way to coin this approach, the show’s producers have honed in on the concept of “infotainment.” The real trick is to find the right mix of information while infusing entertainment into the show.

When asked about the show’s approach, Evans stated:

“We try to arm people with information, but the goal is to get a 50-50 blend of information and fun as much as possible. At the end of the day, did viewers smile, crack a laugh? Will they come back tomorrow and try the show again.”

Transparency in Betting Predictions

Evans also added that the biggest difference with Live on the Line and other sports betting shows is the level of transparency in each host’s stated game predictions. They will track their results on an ongoing basis and share those results with their viewers.

Most shows include a fair share of sports betting predictions but fail to follow up on the actual results. Picks made one day on this show are recapped the following day as part of program’s content.

The other main goal of Live on the Line is creating a high level of chemistry between the three hosts. They continually do a good job at identifying with the typical sports fan that likes to add some betting action to the games.

The casual approach to conversation gives viewers the feeling that they are watching three buddies just hanging out at the local sports bar.

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