Rhose Island Online Casinos
Rhose Island Online Casinos
Legal betting rules
Rhode Island might soon decide to open up for its residents to download online casino apps. Find out when you can get them here.

RI Online Casinos

The laws pertaining to RI online casinos are always changing and you will want to stay informed so you can safely play at the leading Rhode Island casino sites when they become legally available. Gambling in New England has always been a popular pastime and if you are looking to enjoy casino action, be sure to learn all about gambling RI and discover your current options when it comes to placing wagers at a reliable Rhode Island casino.

RI Online Casinos Websites

At this time, there are no operating RI online casinos as online gambling has not yet been legalized in the state of Rhode Island. There has been some movement to begin creating laws to offer online gambling, but right now, the state is focusing on sports betting and is not placing much focus on the development of online casinos.

There are just two operating Rhode Island casino locations at this time and it wasn’t too long ago that the state allowed table games to be played at casino locations. The offering of RI online gambling is something that is being considered by lawmakers, but there is no timeline as to when any RI online casinos will be established.

There is an option to play some slot games online, but these are free to play games only. Twin River offers online slots that can be enjoyed from the comfort of home, but until the state legalizes online gambling, none of these games will provide any real money payouts. Gamblers in the state are hopeful that RI online casinos will be offered in the near future.

Rhode Island Land-Based Casinos

With so many people having a love for gambling in New England, Rhode Island presents two great casinos that can be visited. Both of these are owned by the same company and they offer a great selection of slots and table games. With recent laws that have been passed, Twin River also features a great sportsbook, so you can enjoy all forms of gambling when visiting either of the two locations.

Casino Name Year OpenedLicense Type
Tiverton Casino Hotel2018Table Games/Slots/Sports
Twin River Casino2007Table Games/Poker/Slots/Sports

The two Twin River casino venues are both resort casinos, so you can enjoy great accommodations while you hit the gaming floor for endless action. You will also enjoy various forms of entertainment, great dining options, and bar service while you are enjoying your favorite games.

Twin River Casino

The Twin River Casino in Lincoln, RI opened back in 2007 and has been the main casino location in the state. For many years, it was the only operating casino. The location has undergone many renovations since it has opened. In the beginning, it was a small venue that was named Lincoln Park and it not only offered a variety of slot games but also featured live greyhound racing.

The race track was closed and the casino expanded. With major renovations, Twin River now offers all the modern amenities and also features table and card games including Blackjack, Poker, Roulette, and a number of others. The casino added a hotel recently, making it the first resort casino in the state. In regards to the offering of RI online casinos, Twin River does not have the legal ability to operate online. However, you can engage in free games and enjoy a taste of RI online gambling without the risk of losing any money.

Twin River Casino Rhode Island

Tiverton Casino

The Tiverton Casino is the newest casino in the state of Rhode Island and it opened in 2018. It is owned by Twin River and offers a great venue for the enjoyment of all types of casino games as well as sports betting. The gaming floor features more than 1,000 slot machines and 32 table games. There is also a great hotel attached to the casino, offering 84 modern rooms.

Tiverton Casino is open 365 days a year and operates 24 hours a day, so you will never miss out on any exciting action is you are looking to engage in gambling RI thrills. This casino resort may be on the smaller side compared to those offered in other states, but as a new venue, it has enjoyed much success in the smallest state in the US.

Tiverton Casino Rhode Island

Is Gambling in Rhode Island Legal?

Despite the lack of RI online casinos, there are some great legal gambling options to those who are in the state. Rhode Island has been offering various forms of legal gambling for a number of years and there have been some great additions and expansions in regards to what types of gambling can be enjoyed.

If you are looking to gamble in RI, you must be at least 18 years of age. The state offers some great options, including being able to play at the two mentioned land-based casinos. Here, we take a look at the various forms of gambling that can be enjoyed legally. RI online casinos may not be available at this time, but you can expect these online venues to begin operating in the near future as the state will want to continue generating revenue from the two casino locations already in operation.

Horse and Dog Racing

Racing events have always played a key role in the state of RI and since 1934, horse racing has been a legal activity. In that same year, the first racetrack was opened and bettors could enjoy the action of racing at Narragansett Park, which offered pari-mutuel horse race betting. In 1947, Lincoln Downs was opened and both locations operated until the mid-1970s. At that time, horse racing was phasing out and dog racing was being introduced to the state. Lincoln Downs was converted to a dog racing track and later converted to the Twin River Casino that is operating today.

RI Lottery

Rhode Island has been offering legal lottery games since 1973 and this was one of the first forms of legal gambling offered in the state. Today, you can enjoy playing lottery games at just about every retail location and you can also play any of the state lottery games at the two land-based casino locations.


Anyone who has ever gambled will know that slot games are the most popular in any casino setting. In 1992, Rhode Island passed a law that would allow video lottery terminals to be offered at racetrack locations, turning them into racinos. These terminals, also known as slots, were an instant hit and started generating much revenue for the state.

Table Games

It wasn’t until 2012 that Rhode Island passed a law that would allow live table games to be offered at Twin River and Newport Grand Casino. Newport Grand was later moved to Tiverton, paving the way for the newest casino to open in the state, offering a great assortment of table and card games to be played for real money.

While you will find many great table games featured at RI online casinos, you will not find any poker rooms. Real money poker games are not allowed in the state of Rhode Island, so you will not find any poker rooms being presented at any casino resort within the state.

Sports Betting

In 2018, Rhode Island started to offer legal sports betting at the two casino locations. Now, you can visit either casino and not only enjoy the thrills of the best slots and great paying table games, but you can also place sports wagers on college and professional sporting events from around the globe.

RI Online Casinos in the Future

RI online casino sites may not yet be up and running, but they will surely be something to look forward to in the future. The state does have plans to legalize online gambling in RI and initially, this may just be the offering of sports betting sites. However, RI online casino sites will soon follow. Since the state only offers two casinos that are operated by the same owner, there will most likely be a single online casino that will be launched.

RI online casino sites will offer you the chance to engage in real money betting using your desktop or mobile device, so you can gain access to your favorite games at Twin River Casino sites and enjoy the action of slots and table games. These games will be played just like those at the land casinos and you will have the chance to generate real money payouts.

At this time, it is unknown when there will be legal RI online casinos available. The state will most likely focus on sportsbooks initially and will then offer mobile betting options. When these online casinos do enter the industry, they will generate great revenue for the state. You will still have to be of the legal gambling age to access any of the provided real money games and you will also have to be located in the state of Rhode Island when accessing any game.

For now, you can enjoy some free play games from Twin River online, but you cannot earn payouts. Until the state passes RI online casino laws, you will not have the ability to play any real money game at the state casino sites. However, you can access off-shore online casino sites and enjoy the thrills of gambling right from the comforts of home with no legal consequences.

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