Parx Casino Promo Code & Review 2024

Now that online casinos are coming to PA, you must be looking for a Parx Casino Promo Code. And, you’re probably excited to try out the Parx Online Casino and all that it entails. Thankfully, this Parx Casino Review will cover all you can expect from the new online casino. So, keep reading and learn all you need to know about this exciting online casino!

The Parx Casino Promo Code 2024

Now that Parx Casino Online has launched, you probably want to know all about the Parx Casino Promo Code. Well at the moment there are no details about the promotion, but we will be sure to update this page as soon as there are. 

In the meantime, feel free to check out some of the other casino promo codes here.

The Parx Casino Promo Code
Parx Online Casino Bonus Code:TBD
Bonus Details:100% match on your first qualifying deposit up to $500
Terms and Conditions:Wagering Requirement
Wagering Requirement:20x
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Now, in order to claim the Parx Promo Code, you must make sure to read the terms and conditions. This promo code is for use by new customers only. And, you will need to meet the wagering requirement, which is twenty times the amount, in order to keep the bonus cash. Plus, you must be located in the state of Pennsylvania as well as be of the legal gambling age.

How to Claim Parx Casino Promo Code

As written above, you will need to follow the terms and conditions in order to claim the Parx Promo Code. But, there are a couple more steps you need to follow in order to claim the Parx Casino Online Promo Code. The following steps explain how to claim the Parx Online Casino Bonus Code: 

  1. First, you must be of legal gambling age in Pennsylvania, which is 21+. And, you must be within the state boundaries of Pennsylvania.
  2. Next, you must go to the Parx Online website. 
  3. The Parx Bonus Code is available to new customers only. You must then click either “Join Now” or “Sign Up” to create a new account.
  4. Then, fill out the registration form with your personal information.
  5. After, the online casino will have to verify your information to make sure you are legally able to create an account on the website.
  6. Verify your new account using your email.
  7. When prompted, you will need to enter in the Parx Casino Bonus Code. You need to complete this step in order to receive the bonus offer. 
  8. Finally, you will want to make your first deposit into your new Parx Casino Online account. 
  9. And lastly, you will need to make sure you meet the wagering requirement by playing the required games a certain amount of times. You need to do this in order to keep your bonus cash.

As you can see, it is very easy to claim the Parx Casino Bonus. However, you should always make sure to check the website to make sure you are aware of the terms and conditions that you must meet in order to claim the offer. And then, you will make the most of your casino bonus offer.

Parx Online Casino Games

Once you have created your Parx Casino Account online, you will want to know what you can do with it. And that means, what casino games will be available. You will want to make sure your favorite casino games are available on the online casino.

The following casino games are available on the new online casino from Parx Casino:

  • Slots (classic slots, video slots, and progressive jackpot slots)

You can also look forward to bonus spins and bonus rounds. As of its launch, the Parx Casino website has almost two hundred slot games available. Plus, there is a slot tournament option. And, there are new as well as classic slots options available. 

  • Blackjack (there are a variety of online Blackjack games offered)

Parx has an especially impressive online Blackjack option. The objective is still to get to 21 without busting. And, you have to hope the dealer busts and you do not.

  • Roulette (all styles)

Regular roulette is offered as well as European roulette. Fans of the classic game will be happy with the options available.

  • Video Poker (a wide variety)

This review will discuss the online poker options in more detail below.

  • Baccarat

Fans of the classic casino game will find the online version just as fun.

Because the online casino is new, Parx will also be adding new games as it grows. Plus, they have announced the addition of a Live Dealer option coming soon. The Live Dealer option will have: 

  • Live Blackjack
  • Live Roulette
  • Live Baccarat
  • And more!

There is no word yet on when the Live Dealer option will launch. But, it is expected to shortly. Until then, you can get your casino fun in with the already available online casino games.

Parx Casino Poker

The Parx Casino website is especially proud of its Parx Casino Poker option. While live dealer options are not yet available, it is expected. The Live Dealer poker will be great for poker fans across the state.

GAN, a highly decorated online poker software maker, is responsible for the Parx Casino Poker. So, online poker fans can expect a well designed online poker game. And, they can expect their online poker games to run fairly smoothly. 

The Video Poker option is touted on the main page of the Parx Casino website. Fans of online poker know they must have the best five-card hand to win. So, they will be flocking to play Parx Video Poker online.

Parx Casino App

As of right now, the Parx Casino App is a bonus money casino app. That means that the casino app is not yet available as a real money casino app. However, that may change now that the Parx Casino has launched its online casino website.

The Parx Casino App is available for iPhone/iOS devices as well as Android devices. It is available in the Apple App store as well as the Google Play store. The Google Play store does not allow real money casino apps. So, that means if the online casino launches a real money casino app, you will most likely not be able to download it on Google Play.

In order to use the Parx Casino App, you simply need to download and install it. You do not need to be of legal gambling age or in the state of Pennsylvania. Anyone from anywhere can download and install the app.

In order to be able to download and install the app, you must have an up to date operating system on your device of choice. And, you must have sufficient memory available in your device in order to download as well as install it. If you meet these criteria, you will be able to enjoy the Parx App.

Parx Casino Payment Methods

Now, in order to deposit money into your new Parx Casino account online, you will need to use one of their accepted payment methods. So, you must be curious as to the types of payment methods that are accepted. The following methods are accepted as payment on the Parx Casino website:

  • Mastercard
  • Visa Card
  • American Express Card
  • Discover Card
  • GAN

Now, more forms of payment may be accepted in the Parx Casino on their website. So, you will want to make sure to check the Parx Casino website when you create your account. Many online casinos accept PayPal and other eWallet options. And, eChecks and ACH transfers are also usually accepted.

As the online casino website expands, it is expected to accept more forms of payment. So, you should check back frequently to see what forms are accepted. And, you will want to make sure your favorite form of payment is also available for withdrawals.

Problem with your Parx Casino Promo Code?

If you have a problem with your Pax Casino Bonus Code, you will want it solved immediately. Lucky for you, there are a couple of customer service options available to you. So, you should be able to get your problem solved in no time.

First, you will want to make sure you have met the terms and conditions for claiming the Parx Casino Bonus Code. If you have not yet met the terms and conditions, that will account for your problem claiming the bonus offer. So, if you are still able to, you should meet the terms and conditions as well as the wagering requirement to claim the bonus offer. 

Now, if you have met the terms and conditions, you will want to check the website for any information about the bonus offer. Typically, the option of frequently asked questions is available on the website. You should check here first to see if the issue you are having has already been addressed. If it has not, you should move on to customer service options.

Parx Online Casino Customer Service Options

Now, if you cannot find the answer to your Parx Casino Bonus Code issue, you should turn to customer service. As of right now, it appears Parx Casino website for their online casino has two customer service options:

  • Phone Call: A phone number is listed for your Parx Casino website questions. Keep in mind that these phone numbers typically have available hours listed on the website. You will be connected to a customer service agent who will answer your questions.
  • Email Address: An email address is listed on the website for customer service. If you send an email to this email address with your question, you should receive an email back with an answer for you. It is not the easiest or fastest customer service option, but it does get the job done.

Typically, most online casinos have a live chat option. As of right now, it is unclear whether a live chat option will be added to the online casino. So, the other options are the ones you should rely on at the moment.

Other Parx Casino Website Promotions

Because the online casino on the Parx Casino website is so new, it is expected to add more promotions as it expands. But, we can look at other online casinos to see what types of promotions to expect. In addition, some of the promotions listed below are currently active:

Parx Casino Rewards Program: 

Parx Casino already has a rewards program launched. It is called the X Club. With the X Club, you can earn points for the money you spend. The more points you earn, the better tier levels you can reach. The better the tier level, the better your rewards.

Seasonal Promotions: 

Many online casinos offer promotions that coincide with different seasons or holidays. Make sure to check the online casino website often to see what seasonal promotions you can find. A seasonal promotion has an expiration date, so you will want to claim it within the time it is available.

Game Promotions: 

Many online casinos offer promotions that are connected to their casino games. These could be slot bonus spins or bonus cash earned through plays. Make sure to check the website often to see what kind of online casino game offers are available.

Parx Promo Code Conclusion

So, you have now learned all you need to know about the Parx Promo Code. And, you have learned about Parx’s new online casino. That means you should be ready to create your new Parx Casino account online. And then you can get to wagering! 

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