Texans Betting

The Houston Texans are the youngest and the only NFL team that has never played the conference championship game.

Just that gives them quite a special motivation to go big in the upcoming season. Will this be enough? Read our article to find out the odds and how to be smart about Houston Texans betting. 

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Houston Texans Predictions

Texans Betting Picks of the Week

So, let’s look at some predictions and the basics of the Houston Texans betting strategy. In their first game of the season, the Houston team is the underdog, with +7 in the point spread. So if you are a fan, and want to put your money on the Texans, you have to go against the spread. This is a common occurrence in football betting.

They’re against the spread record from the previous season is 7-9-1. In case you are not familiar, this doesn’t mean they won seven games and lost nine. It’s a record of how many times their game results did or did not cover the spread. Actually, in the 2018 season, the team won eleven games and lost five. 

Point spread betting is very popular when it comes to football, so understanding how it works is crucial. You will also come across over-under bets and moneylines. Let’s have a quick look at the former.

The bookmakers make an educated guess on how many points a team might score in a game or how many games the team will win during the entire season. Your job in this type of wager is to decide if the team does better or worse than what bookmakers predicted.

In terms of moneyline bets, it’s much simpler. There is no handicap; you just decide who the straight-up winner might be. 

To make things more complicated, or maybe more exciting, you can bet on the results of parts of a game, on individual players’ touchdowns, rushing and passing yards, and much much more. So, don’t forget about the prop bets!

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Houston Texans Schedule

Here’s the Houston Texans current schedule. Their first game of the season will be against the New Orleans Saints, a strong opponent. 

WeekDateKickoff (CT)*Opponent
1Sept 107:20 p.m.at Kansas City Chiefs
2Sept 203:25 p.m.Baltimore Ravens
3Sept 2712:00 p.m.at Pittsburgh Steelers
4Oct 412:00 p.m.Minnesota Vikings
5Oct 1112:00 p.m.Jacksonville Jaguars
6Oct 1812:00 p.m.at Tennessee Titans
7Oct 2512:00 p.m.Green Bay Packers
9Nov 812:00 p.m.at Jacksonville Jaguars
10Nov 1512:00 p.m.at Cleveland Browns
11Nov 2212:00 p.m.New England Patriots
12Nov 2611:30 a.m.at Detroit Lions
13Dec 612:00 p.m.Indianapolis Colts
14Dec 1312:00 p.m.at Chicago Bears
15TBDTBDat Indianapolis Colts
16Dec 2712:00 p.m.Cincinnati Bengals
17Jan 312:00 p.m.Tennessee Titans

*Starting at Week 9, kickoff time is displayed in CST.


History Of Houston Texans

Now you see how Houston Texans betting might be complicated. Our advice? Get yourself familiar with the lines, spreads and picks for the upcoming season and compare them to team’s records. Yes, knowing the team history is also crucial in placing smart bets. So here is a quick overview. 

Team Creation

In 1997 Houston lost its NFL team, the Oilers, who moved to Nashville. Two years later, the NFL was struggling with an odd number of teams and needed a new addition. To even out the number, they admitted a new Houston team to the league. The team was established in 1999, but they played their first NFL game in 2002. They won with Dallas Cowboys, who later became their nemesis. 

Best Seasons

Texans won five division championship, the first in 2011. However, they have never played in a conference championship game. The 2018 season was full of ups and downs, which definitely made it interesting for bettors. But more importantly, with the 11-5 record, this was Texans best season so far. 

Most Famous Players

At least two players deserve a mention here: J.J Watt and Andre Jonhson. J.J. Watt was picked by the Texans in 2011. During his rookie year, the Houston team made it to the playoffs for the first time in their short history. Watt was recognized three times by the Associated Press with the NFL Defensive Player of the Year Award. 

Andre Johnson, these days a former NFL wide receiver player, spent most of his career with the Texans. He is still with the team, but not on the field anymore. Now he works as a special advisor to the team’s head coach. Johnson is a member of an elite 1,000 Catch Club, grouping 14 NFL players with a thousand career receptions on their record.

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