2022 World Series Betting Odds

2022 World Series Betting Odds

The start of the 2022 MLB season will be a bit delayed, but there will still be a full season ahead. There have been a few changes made to the old MLB rules, and that could have an impact on how this season plays out.

With the season coming soon, now is a great time to look at the World Series odds and begin getting bets in. These World Series betting odds will be changing throughout the year, but you will likely see the same teams near the top for the entire year.

Injuries can always affect how teams perform, but there are some teams that look like they will be able to withstand any adversity. Here is a look at the current odds of some of the top teams on the list.

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No Surprise at the Top

The Los Angeles Dodgers have been one of the top teams in baseball for the last five or six seasons, and that should be the case yet again in 2022. Los Angeles just continues to spend money to improve their roster, and the 2022 version might be their best team yet.

The Dodgers have odds set at +450 to win the World Series in 2022, and that is well ahead of the pack. The addition of Freddie Freeman gives this team another MVP candidate, and the pitching staff is loaded with talent again.

It’s important to note that the preseason favorite doesn’t always win the World Series, but Los Angeles is clearly the early favorite.

American League is Full of Talent

The Dodgers might be the clear favorites in the National League, but the AL race should be more interesting. Here are some of the top odds for teams from the American League:

  • Toronto Blue Jays +800
  • Houston Astros +950
  • New York Yankees +1000
  • Chicago White Sox +1100
  • Boston Red Sox +1500
  • Tampa Bay Rays +1600

There are some National League teams in that mix as well, but the American League is clearly loaded with great teams. It’s interesting to see the Blue Jays with the second-best odds to win the World Series, but that team has spent money to improve this season.

The AL East will be an absolute gauntlet this season as there are four teams from that division with odds of at least +1600 to win the World Series this year.

Other Challengers

Outside of the Dodgers and the loaded teams in the American League, here are some other teams to keep your eye on this season:

  • New York Mets +1000
  • Atlanta Braves +1200
  • Milwaukee Brewers +1500
  • San Diego Padres +1500
  • San Francisco Giants +2000
  • St. Louis Cardinals +2000

The Mets will have a pitching staff that can be a nightmare to deal with if they are able to reach the postseason. Atlanta is the defending World Series champions, and they have also made some improvements this offseason.

Teams from this list will have their odds changed depending on how the beginning of the season goes.

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