Dallas Mavericks Betting

This team might not have beaten many records on the basketball court, but they have one thing to brag about.

Mavs had the longest stadium sellout streak, with 815 games. Unfortunately the pandemic put an end to that.

Check out our tips and Mavericks predictions to find out how to place your bets on the Mavs this NBA season.

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Odds are subject to change. Last updated November 28, 2023 6:34 pm.

Please be advised that betting on the NBA is not available in all US states.

Mavericks Betting
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Best Dallas Mavericks Predictions & Odds

Mavs don’t have strong odds of winning the NBA championship this season, with moneyline was between +7500 and +6000. The predictions are a bit better in terms of their chance of winning the Western Conference, but it still doesn’t seem very probable. Their total wins over/under is 41.5, according to the Las Vegas lines. Their against the spread record for the last season is 45-34-3. 

Some of the most popular basketball betting types are the point spreadover undermoneylines, and propositions.

  • Point Spread: In this type of betting you will have the team likely to win by the statistics, the favorite and the opposite from it, the underdog. Naturally, everybody will expect that the favorite will win against the underdog, and the odds will be in favor of the first one. The bookies will offer the approximate number of points representing the advantage of the favorite.
  • Props: The prop bets are fun and easy to grasp. You can bet on anything that might happen during the game. It is unlikely the bettor will win the bet, as the luck is the main factor. Anyhow, it is still fun to make these kinds of bets.
  • Over/under: The bookmaker will offer their odds in terms of predicted scores at the end of the game. The scores of both teams will be combined and the bettor should bet on whether the real score will be over or under the proposed score.
  • Moneylines: The bookie will provide the odds that are obvious. Then, the bettor can pick to bet on the favorite or the underdog. Moreover, the transparent odds make the winnings transparent too. So, it all depends on the deposited funds.

If you are not sure about straight-up betting or even point spread betting, consider the prop bets. They might be considered safer, as it’s just about one player. You should check back for updated point spread, lines, and picks on a regular basis, as they will change once the season starts. 

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History Of Dallas Mavericks

The Mavs have a few crucial moments in their history, knowing which might change your Dallas Mavericks betting plans. For one, a basketball-loving billionaire Mark Cuban bought the team nearly two decades ago.

And his efforts, often controversial and costing him millions of dollars in NBA fines, earned the Dallas team a lot of attention, and probably 2011 championship.

Team Creation

Don Carter and Norm Soju are the founders of Mavericks. In 1980, despite their initial reluctance, NBA owners voted to admit the new team into the league.

Mavs were named after two main characters of a popular TV series. Fans sent postcards, voting for the name inspired by a Western about two brothers.

These characters were the original Mavericks, adventurous poker players from TX who always choose the right thing over possible profits.

Best Seasons

In 2006, Mavericks came close to winning the NBA championship for the first time in their history. But it was only five years later when it actually did happen.

The 2011 NBA championship victory had a lot to do with Nowitzki’s great performance. They entered that season as underdogs. Their preseason lines were around +3000 for winning the championship.

Take that into consideration, when thinking about Dallas Mavericks’ betting strategies for the upcoming season.

Most Famous Players

Dirk Nowitzki joined the team in the late 90s and spent his entire NBA career playing for Mavericks. Nowitzki’s retirement in the 2018-2019 season coincided with Mavs dropping to the bottom of their division.

On the upside, the new 2018 addition to the team, Luka Dončić, won the Rookie of the Year title. Other important players include Jason Kidd and Steve Nash.

Kidd started his professional NBA career with Mavericks in 1994, but difficulties in personal relationships between him and the coaches, led to him leaving the team in 1996.

He ended up coming back to Mavs in 2008 and helped the team achieve the championship in 2011.

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