NBA Draft Betting 2021

NBA Draft Betting has become a popular event, and it’s likely to be even more popular for the 2021 NBA Draft.

We will update this article with the latest NBA Draft News, but you can read about the betting action from last year.

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Top 1st Overall Pick Prospects for NBA Draft Betting

Even though the order of teams making the No. 1 overall selection is still unclear at this point, the top six players in the draft feel pretty certain.

These are the six favorites to be selected with the No. 1 overall pick, although, of course, their odds are likely to change.

There are still several factors yet to be determined in regards to the 2020 NBA Draft, but there is still plenty of hype. 

No. 1 Pick

At this point, it’s not easy to predict which player will go No. 1 in the upcoming NBA Draft without knowing the team making the pick. It appears that the Golden State Warriors have the best chance to land the top pick, and they will get the pick in this simulation.

The Golden State Warriors need a big man, so look for them to go with Obi Toppin out of Dayton. Toppin will provide the Warriors with another scorer, but also brings plenty of size and strength. 

NBA Draft Betting odds list Obi Toppin at +800 to go first overall, so there is plenty of value with this pick.

Odds For No. 1 Overall Pick

Even though there is still plenty of uncertainty about when the 2020 NBA Draft will take place, DraftKings Sportsbook has released their NBA Draft Betting Odds. Here are the latest odds* for the No. 1 overall pick:

  • LaMelo Ball +100
  • Anthony Edwards +125
  • James Wiseman +150
  • Deni Avidja +700
  • Obi Toppin +800
  • Killian Hayes +1500
  • RJ Hampton +2000
  • Cole Anthony +3000
  • Isaac Okoro +4000
  • Tyrese Maxey +5000
  • Tyrese Haliburton +5000
  • Onyeka Okongwu +5000
  • Aaron Nesmith +5000
  • Devin Vassell +5000
  • All Other Players +10000 or Higher

*Odds are subject to change.

During a normal year, the odds for the No. 1 pick would often change in the weeks leading up to the NBA Draft. The Draft Lottery also plays a huge role in NBA Draft betting.

Expect these odds to change slightly when new information surrounding the NBA Draft becomes available, and information starts to leak out.

The one thing that will remain the same is that the top overall pick will come from one of the players listed above. (Learn how to bet on basketball.)

Top 10 Draft Picks: Picks 2-10

Since the Warriors land the No. 1 overall pick, the rest of the selections will be made based on the current lottery standings. Toppin is off the board, but there are still plenty of impact players available.

Pick 2: Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cavaliers need a new point guard now that Kyrie Irving is gone, and this pick is the perfect time to pick another one. The Cleveland Cavaliers will select LaMelo Ball with the second overall pick. 

Pick 3: Minnesota Timberwolves

Minnesota does not need another big man, and so they will look to one of the guards left on the board. The best player still available is Georgia product Anthony Edwards.

Edwards will provide plenty of scoring for the Timberwolves and has room to improve on the defensive end of the floor. 

Pick 4: Atlanta Hawks

Atlanta has a future superstar on the perimeter in Trae Young. The Hawks need someone that can score on the interior and anchor their defense.

James Wiseman out of Memphis is the perfect player to meet these needs. 

Pick 5: Detroit Pistons

The Pistons have a pair of dominating big men, but they could use some more scoring. Look for Detroit to go the international route with this pick. Deni Avidja will be heading to Detroit. 

Pick 6: New York Knicks

New York has been a mess of a franchise over the last few years. They are back in the lottery with a chance to pick a future star.

The Knicks will select Cole Anthony, point guard, from the University of North Carolina.

Pick 7: Chicago Bulls

Chicago will have a new front office making this selection for them, and it will be interesting to see the route that they take.

The Bulls need some playmakers, and Isaac Okoro out of Auburn will be their selection.

Pick 8: Charlotte Hornets

The Hornets need a big man, and they will find it in a player out of USC, as 6-9 Onyeka Okongwu is heading to Charlotte. 

Pick 9: Washington Wizards

The Washington Wizards have Bradley Beal and John Wall, although both players have struggled with injuries. Look for Washington to go with a big man here.

Center Daniel Oturu out of Minnesota will be heading to DC.

Pick 10: Phoenix Suns

Phoenix needs a point guard, and they will find one in a player from Iowa State. Point guard Tyrese Haliburton could go high in the draft but will fall to the Suns at No. 10. 

Current Lottery Standings

While most NBA fans focus on the playoff standings, NBA Draft betting fans focus on the current and updated lottery standings. Each of the 14 teams that fail to make the playoffs this season will be included in the NBA Draft Lottery.

Teams that finish with the three worst records in the NBA will all have a 14 percent chance to land the No. 1 overall pick. Percentages continue to drop from there, with the 14th worst team having just a 0.5 percent chance of picking first.

Here are the standings at the time of the NBA break:

  • Golden State Warriors 15-50
  • Cleveland Cavaliers 19-46
  • Minnesota Timberwolves 19-45
  • Atlanta Hawks 20-47
  • Detroit Pistons 20-46
  • New York Knicks 21-45
  • Chicago Bulls 22-43
  • Charlotte Hornets 23-42
  • Washington Wizards 24-40
  • Phoenix Suns 26-39
  • San Antonio Spurs 27-36
  • Sacramento Kings 28-36
  • New Orleans Saints 28-36
  • Portland Trail Blazers 29-37

When the 2019-20 NBA season was shut down due to the coronavirus, teams still had between 17 to 20 games to complete. These standings can change dramatically over the last month of the season if the NBA decides to resume play. 

Lottery Yet to Be Determined

One of the biggest question marks that still needs to be determined in regards to the 2020 NBA Draft is the lottery order. NBA Draft Betting is extremely dependent on the lottery as a way to predict which players will land with each team.

The NBA Lottery is a term given to the first 14 picks in the NBA Draft. Players that are chosen as lottery picks are given special contract stipulations, and they are paid a much higher signing bonus when they are picked.

The NBA determines the lottery after the conclusion of the regular season, and it’s currently hard to predict when the NBA season will wrap up. Rumors have circulated that the league intends to finish the season at some point, but the league could also choose to end the season now.

Every year, the NBA Draft Board is loaded with talented players, and many of these players have chosen to leave school early to enter the draft. The same can be said in 2020, and there are also several intriguing international prospects. 

“Tanking” is a new phenomenon that has taken place in the NBA over the last few years to land the top pick in the lottery. It doesn’t appear that any tanking was happening in 2020, but there are still plenty of teams that have some very poor records. 

NBA Draft Betting FAQ

Below we’ll provide some key info of note ahead of the 2021 NBA Draft.

When is the 2020 NBA Draft?

The draft for the 2021 NBA season is still to be determined.

Where is the 2021 NBA Draft?

The NBA draft usually takes place at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York but may be online this year.

How to Watch the 2021 NBA Draft?

There are a number of ways to stream the NBA Draft. It will be streamed live on and as well as Hulu and YouTube.

How to Bet on the NBA Draft?

As we detailed above, there are a number of different sportsbooks options that will allow you to bet on the NBA Draft.

Before you attempt to place a bet make sure you are 21 years of age or older, and within the state lines of a state where gambling is legal.

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