NBA Draft Betting 2020

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Were your NBA Draft bets right? See the total breakdown of the entire first round below. And if you’ve been following the NFL regular season, make sure you’re ready for Super Bowl betting in February.

Complete First Round Draft Results

1)New Orleans Pelicans:Zion WilliamsonDuke
2)Memphis Grizzlies:Ja MorantMurray State
3)New York Knicks:RJ BarrettDuke
4)LA Lakers:De’Andre HunterVirginia
5)Cleveland Cavaliers:Daris GarlandVanderbilt
6)Phoenix Suns:Jarrett CulverTexas Tech
7)Chicago Bulls:Coby WhiteNorth Carolina
8)Atlanta Hawks:Jaxson HayesTexas
9)Washington Wizards:Rui HachimuraGonzaga
10)Atlanta Hawks (from Dallas):Cameron ReddishDuke
11)Minnesota Timberwolves:Cameron JohnsonNorth Carolina
12)Charlotte Hornets:PJ WashingtonKentucky
13)Miami Heat:Tyler HerroKentucky
14)Boston Celtics (from Sacramento via Philadelphia):Rome LangfordIndiana
15)Detroit Pistons:Sekou DoumbouyaFrance
16)Orlando Magic:Chuma OkekeAuburn
17)Brooklyn Nets:Nickeil Alexander-WalkerVirginia Tech
18)Indiana Pacers:Goga BitadzeGeorgia
19)San Antonio Spurs:Luka SamanicCroatia
20)Boston Celtics (from Clippers via Memphis):Matisse ThybulleWashington
21)Oklahoma City Thunder:Brandon ClarkeGonzaga
22)Boston Celtics:Grant WilliamsTennessee
23)Utah Jazz:Daris Bazleyhigh school
24)Philadelphia 76ers:Ty JeromeVirginia
25)Portland Trail Blazers:Nassir LittleNorth Carolina
26)Cleveland Cavaliers (from Houston):Dylan WindlerBelmont
27)Brooklyn Nets (from Denver):Mfiondu KabengeleFlorida State
28)Golden State Warriors:Jordan PooleMichigan
29)San Antonia Spurs (from Toronto):Keldon JohnsonKentucky
30)Milwaukee Bucks:Kevin Porter Jr.USC

Top NBA Draft Lottery Picks 2019

1. Zion Williamson

An impressive, young athlete, Willamson is Duke’s PF and is a strong showing for the #1 draft pick. This 18-year old is known for his fluidity of movement and his good sportsmanship both on and off the court. We’re eager to see which team snags Williamson for their roster because he will likely carry them to new heights in the 2019-20 season.

2. Ja Morant

This point guard from Murray State is fantastically fast and agile, able to keep defenders on a poster while shifting around the court. He has shown great improvement as a sophomore, and we’re excited to see how he performs with the pressure of national league play on his shoulders.

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3. RJ Barrett

Another Duke team member, RJ Barrett has the frame and poise of an NBA Athlete. His shooting still has something to be desired, but after watching his ball-handling improve we expect great things from the young Mr. Barrett.

4. Darius Garland

Point Guard from Vanderbilt, Darius Garland is great in the paint and even better when he steps back into the 3-point range. He will be a great defensive asset to whatever team is lucky enough to pick him.

5. De’Andre Hunter

As a Power Forward from Virginia, De’Andre Hunter is said to be the best defender in NCAA ball. With a great shooting percentage and long wingspan, Hunter is versatile and liable to be an asset to any team he finds himself on.

6. Jarrett Culver

Texas Tech’s shooting guard is a bit inconsistent, which puts him further down in the top ten. However, when you’re thinking about NBA Draft lottery odds, you’re trying to think of all of a player’s strengths and how they match up with your favorite teams’ weaknesses. Culver makes shots for himself all game and is extremely confident on offense.

7. Cam Reddish

This year’s Duke roster has three top ten picks for the NBA draft. The first small forward on the top ten picks list, Cam Reddish shines as a talent on the court and is slated by scouts to have the greatest potential of nearly any draft pick.

8. Sekou Doumbouya

With one of the best standing reaches in college ball, Sekou Doumbouya is a quality defender and a power forward from Guinea. A bit unnatural as a player, Sekou’s strengths are in his physical profile and his defensive instincts.

9. Jaxson Hayes

Jaxson Hayes, a center from the University of Texas, has a bit of trouble with fouls but is an incredibly efficient scorer. Is confident, comfortable and plays with elegance. However, Hayes could benefit from showing a bit more strength and explosivity on the court if he wants to keep up with professional basketball.

10. Coby White

Coby White from North Carolina is a shooting guard sitting at 6’5” and 191 lbs. Aggressive and explosive, White’s intense physicality on the court seems to imply he isn’t thinking critically enough about the game. Still, he has made incredible progress with his passing game this season, and we’re excited to see what he does.

NBA Draft Order 2019

The NBA Draft Lottery usually happens a little under a month before the NBA Draft itself. This year’s lottery is in Chicago and determines the pick order for the drafting season. The top picks go to teams who did not make the postseason play in the season prior. First, a little bit about how the lottery works:

The teams that did not make postseason play last season will be the first 14 teams to choose their Draft picks in the 2019 NBA Draft. From those 14 teams, four lottery picks will get the chance to go first. The NBA Draft lottery is slated to happen on May 14, 2019.

First Pick 14

  1. New York Knicks (+450)
  2. Cleveland Cavaliers (+550)
  3. Phoenix Suns (+550)
  4. Chicago Bulls (+650)
  5. Atlanta Hawks (+750)
  6. Washington Wizards (+850)
  7. New Orleans Pelicans (+1300)
  8. Memphis Grizzlies(+1300)
  9. Dallas Mavericks(+1300)
  10. Minnesota Timberwolves (+2400)
  11. Los Angeles Lakers (+3600)
  12. Charlotte Hornets (+7000)
  13. Miami Heat (+7000)
  14. Sacramento Kings (+7000)

The new lottery system was rolled out in 2019, and this year four top picks will be awarded instead of three. The NBA Board of Governors decided to make this change in order to lower the odds, giving teams a more even chance of getting the number one draft pick. The worst teams get the best odds of the top pick, with the Knicks, Cavs, and Suns all at a 14% chance for first. Sacramento has a 1% chance of landing top pick.

After the first round of picks is finished, the rest is determined by reverse order of the previous year’s record (during regular season play). You will note that betting odds are determined largely by what a team’s pick order is: for example, the Knicks have a 14% shot at first pick, and are slated at +450, while the Sacramento Kings (1% chance of the first pick) are slated at +7000.

2019 NBA Draft Betting Odds

New York14.0%
New Orleans6.0%
Los Angeles Lakers2.0%

There was a new lottery system for the NBA Draft lottery this year, established by the NBA Board of Commissioners. Essentially, another Draft pick was added to the three existing picks. This should even out the odds that normally hinder teams from getting a chance at the top pick.

Zion Williamson, top pick for the 2019 class, is expected to get picked by the NY Knicks (at odds of +450). The highest-ranked of the teams that didn’t make it to the postseason, Sacramento, has about a 1% chance of getting their top pick (odds of +7000).

NBA Draft betting

Bet on NBA Draft

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Betting on the NBA Draft involves a few different kinds of bets, and we’ll lay out a few of the bets you’ll expect to see for the 2019 NBA Draft. In sports betting terms, all of these are “prop bets”; you’re guessing the outcome of a specific decision or random outcome of the draft.

Will Zion join New York?

For example, “Will Zion Williamson get picked by the New York Knicks”? As the Knicks are expected to get the first pick and Zion is considered to be the #1 pick, the payouts on these odds are relatively low.

Will the Knicks win first pick?

This one is a bit of a gamble– you will often be given the option to bet on a given team to win a given pick. The Knicks have a 14% chance of getting the first pick, followed by the Cavs, Suns, and Bulls. You’re essentially betting on the pull of a ping-pong ball versus the percentage assigned to the team based on last season’s performance.

Will Dallas keep their first-round pick?

You’ll see a lot of bets like this on bookmakers for NBA draft betting– essentially, as a gambler, you can do some figuring and decide which team will keep their first picks based on strengths, weaknesses, etc.

NBA Draft Info

When is the 2019 NBA Draft?

The 2019 NBA Draft will be held Thursday, June 20th.

Where is the 2019 NBA Draft?

This year’s NBA Draft will be held at the famed Barclays Center in the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY.

How to Watch the 2019 NBA Draft

The 2019 NBA Draft will be streamed live on and, as well as being hosted on a number of other streaming sites. In some cases, you may need to enter details for your cable provider.

Also, Hulu and YouTube both have Live TV options with their Plus packages. If you can’t find a free (legal) streaming service online, check out Hulu or YouTube.

How to Bet on the NBA Draft Lottery

If you’re looking to do some NBA draft betting, take a look at the list of bookmakers at the top of this page. Make sure you’re of legal gambling age and physically located within the state that your bookmaker serves. Then, just download the app and/or start an account! All bookmakers worth their salt should be offering rewards programs, promotions, and bonuses.

Above, we’ve listed the best offers available now. Check back with us for more information regarding the NBA draft betting odds, new bonuses, and more!

NBA Draft Update (Sep 19, 2020)

New Orlean’s Pelicans have snagged the first overall pick for the 2019 NBA Draft. This means they get first crack at signing Draft favorite, Zion Williamson. Below, use the 2019 NBA Draft Lottery results to place your bets on the Draft.

2019 NBA Draft Lottery First Picks

  1. New Orleans
  2. Memphis
  3. New York
  4. Los Angeles Lakers
  5. Cleveland
  6. Phoenix
  7. Chicago
  8. Atlanta
  9. Washington
  10. Atlanta (from Dallas)
  11. Minnesota
  12. Charlotte
  13. Miami
  14. Boston (from Sacramento via Philadelphia)


  1. Detroit
  2. Orlando
  3. Brooklyn
  4. Indiana
  5. San Antonio
  6. Boston (from LA Clippers via Memphis)
  7. Oklahoma City
  8. Boston
  9. Utah
  10. Philadelphia
  11. Portland
  12. Cleveland (from Houston)
  13. Brooklyn (from Denver)
  14. Golden State
  15. San Antonio (from Toronto)
  16. Milwaukee

Second Round Teams

  1. Brooklyn (from New York via Philadelphia)
  2. Phoenix
  3. Philadelphia (from Cleveland via Orlando and New York)
  4. Philadelphia (from Chicago via Los Angeles Lakers)
  5. Atlanta
  6. Charlotte (from Washington via Orlando, Denver, and Atlanta)
  7. Dallas
  8. Chicago (from Memphis)
  9. New Orleans
  10. Sacramento (from Minnesota via Portland and Cleveland)
  11. Atlanta (from Los Angeles Lakers via Cleveland and Indiana)
  12. Philadelphia (from Sacramento via Brooklyn and Milwaukee)
  13. Minnesota (from Miami via Charlotte)
  14. Atlanta (from Charlotte)
  15. Detroit
  16. Orlando (from Brooklyn via Memphis and Charlotte)
  17. Sacramento (from Orlando via New York)
  18. LA Clippers
  19. San Antonio
  20. Indiana
  21. Boston
  22. Charlotte (from Oklahoma City)
  23. Utah
  24. Philadelphia
  25. New York (from Houston)
  26. LA Clippers (from Portland via Detroit and Orlando)
  27. New Orleans (from Denver via Milwaukee)
  28. Golden State
  29. Toronto
  30. Sacramento (from Milwaukee)
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