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If you’re looking to bet on the Indy 500 this year you’ve come to the right place. Learn everything there is to know about the biggest motor race of the year, all in one convenient location. 

For top Indy 500 picks, a list of favorites, and the best Indy 500 betting sites to make big bucks, read below.

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Our Picks For Indy 500 2020

The Indy 500 was initially set to be held on May 24th, 2020 but was postponed to August 23rd. Even with the delay, however, our Indy 500 picks haven’t changed. Below is a list of our top Indy 500 picks for 2020 and why we think they could come out winners.

Indy 500 Favorites

Find all the Indy 500 favorites below. Our picks include well-known veterans and other incredible drivers.

Scott Dixon

Veteran Scott Dixon has been among the top Indy 500 drivers for well over a decade now. Among his accomplishments are the three-time overall winner and one-time GTLM winner at the 24 Hours of Daytona. He also has five series’ titles and a win in at least one race for sixteen consecutive seasons. 

At the Indy 500, Dixon has had one win back in 2008 and multiple podium finishes. Given his familiarity with the Indy Motor Speedway he should be a huge threat going into the 2020 race. Experience coupled with a great pit crew has Dixon as one of the top Indy 500 picks on most betting sites.

Dixon will be starting the race back in the 6th row in 18th place but this shouldn’t be considered a huge disadvantage. He’s known for coming through weak starting positions to take races in the back end. 

Simon Pageneud

Simon Pageneud is a French IndyCar driver who currently competes for Team Penske in the #22 Chevrolet. The main reason Pagenaud is considered to be one of the top Indy 500 picks is his starting position. Pagenaud will be beginning the race in pole position which can be a massive advantage to any racer. He also had the fastest average lap time amongst all drivers for qualifying at 229.992s.

Pageneud won the Indy 500 in 2019 in which he also started the race from pole position. As defending champion most sportsbooks have him as the overall favorite to win the whole race. With everything lining up for a successful defense of his title this year, it wouldn’t be surprising if 2020 is a repeat.

Will Power

The Aussie Will Power is another one of the top Indy 500 picks for 2020. Like Pageneud he drives for Team Penske who have been having a huge amount of success in recent years. Power boasts an impressive IndyCar record with a 2014 IndyCar Series champion and a tie with Scott Dixon for most wins at 19.

Power was the winner of the Indy 500 in 2018 after starting the race from 3rd position. The 2019 race saw him take 5th place after securing 6th place to begin. 2020 will see Power start the race at 6th once again and should see him fair better than last year. Expect most top betting sites to give good odds of Power which could be a great bet.

Indy 500 Betting Sites

It’s important you find the best betting site for your Indy 500 picks when betting this year. Many new sportsbooks have entered the US online betting market, of which many are making a big mark. The following betting sites are considered by us to be among the best for Indy 500 picks in 2020:

Final Thoughts

The Indy 500 2020 is highly anticipated after being postponed from May earlier this year. Expect the race to be one of the most wagered on sporting events in 2020.

Our top three Indy 500 picks for 2020 are Scott Dixon, Simon Pageneud, and Will Power. Each provides a great case for taking the race and all three have won the Indy 500 before. Defending champion Simon Pageneud is arguably the favorite for the race but is closely followed by the other two.

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