MLB Draft Outlook

We are less than two weeks away from the 2022 MLB Draft, and this event tends to fly under the radar. Even if that is the case, this is a chance for teams to improve their rosters and turn around the franchise.

For whatever reason, the Major League Baseball Draft does not get as much attention as the NBA or NFL Drafts. This event has produced some memorable moments throughout the years, but the 2022 draft isn’t drawing a ton of attention.

It’s pretty easy to determine the MLB Draft order also, as it simply goes by the records from the previous season. There are some additional picks, but the worst teams are ready to pick at the top of the board.

Unlike other sports, the MLB Draft is often full of players that you have never heard of, as plenty will come straight from high school.

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Position Players Going First?

Over the past few years, teams have started to stay away from pitchers in the first round because there are some injury concerns. Mark Appel is one of the best examples of this, as he was the number 1 overall pick in 2013 and didn’t make his MLB debut until this year.

If you follow MLB mock drafts, then you will see a slew of position players expected to go. The Baltimore Orioles are on the clock with the first pick, and the pundits are expecting either shortstop Brooks Lee or outfielder Druw Jones to go in this slot.

You might not see a pitcher selected in the top 10 picks as this is a year that appears to be full of some position player talent.

Rocker the Top Pitcher?

There is a pretty big storyline in the 2022 MLB Draft, and it involves a player that was selected in 2021 as well. Kumar Rocker is back in the MLB Draft after being selected by the New York Mets last season but then failing to sign.

It’s pretty clear that Rocker is going to go at some point in the First Round, but some teams will have to be willing to take on pretty significant risk. Young pitchers are expected to be considered early in the draft as teams prefer to try and land HS pitchers with less mileage on their arms.

There pitching prospects to watch early in the draft are:

  • Dylan Lesko
  • Brock Porter
  • Brandon Barriera

Big Trades Coming?

Perhaps part of the reason that the MLB Draft doesn’t draw as much attention as the other drafts is that there usually isn’t a ton of drama or surprising moves. Other drafts are full of trades as the draft is unfolding, but that’s simply not the case with the MLB Draft.

The bad teams in the league need plenty of help, and they simply can’t afford to trade out of the First Round and miss out on a talented player. If you are looking for some MLB trades, then those will come a week or so later, right before the 2022 MLB Trade Deadline.

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