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Indiana Casino Apps
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Indiana Online Casinos

Online gambling is loved and enjoyed around the world by people who want to enjoy their favorite past time from the comfort of their own home. The same can be said for Indiana gambling The US has one of the biggest markets for online gambling, especially every since PASPA’s repeal.

If you are planning on playing in Indiana, you should be aware of the state’s regulations to avoid finding yourself in legal difficulties. In our text, you can learn more about Indiana gambling and Indiana gaming.

Best Online Casinos in Indiana

Land-based casinos have been hugely successful across the US. Indiana allows for gambling in licensed commercial casinos. The current trend in the US is that existing land-based casinos are moving into the online sector and new casinos going straight to online from the get-go.

Hopefully, the same is going to be in Indiana. We are yet to see how Indiana live casino, online poker Indiana and best slots apps are going to look like.

The benefit of offering gambling services online is that the potential turnover for online casinos is very high. These casinos do not have to worry about the usual expenses that land based casinos have.

The decrease in expenses means that they can give more to their customers. The RTP (return to player) percentage can sometimes be as high as 98%.

With the intention of trying not to fall behind, any land-based casinos have begun shifting their operations online. The problem in Indiana is that the laws aren’t particularly friendly towards online gambling.

However, the recent developments across the country and the fact that Indiana has begun loosening their online betting legislation leads one to think (or hope) that online casinos could be legalized in Indiana.

Indiana Casinos

Should the laws change and online gambling be allowed, the question is that which will become the first Indiana online Casino?

Would it be the more significant, better-resourced casino or the smaller more financially flexible casino? There are over 10 casinos in Indiana with the most prominent hosting 2 300 machines and over 145 tables. Besides being the first, there is also the question of which one will be the best online casino Indiana:


One of the biggest and best casinos in Indiana, which boasts an impressive amount of rooms and suites, casual and fine dining establishments as well as a range of entertainment options.

There are currently over 17000 slot machines in the casino as well as 72 gaming tables with classics such as Blackjack, Poker and Roulette.

This land-based casino is not huge when compared to its Las Vegas counterparts. However, it is for this exact reason that becoming one of the first Indiana online casino would be in their interest.

They already have the facilities to launch a live blackjack online experience which would draw in customers from around the world and perhaps even put them above their competitors.

Belterra Casino

This casino, which was recently acquired by the Boyd Gaming Property, is part of an ever-expanding gambling empire that stretches across the US. Being a part of the Boyd Gaming group means that they have a lot of capital to spend.

It would be surprising if they didn’t enter the Indiana online casino market since their reach is so big and their pockets so deep. Should they do so, they will more than likely deliver to their clients one of the best Indiana casino Apps on the market.

French Lick Resort Casino

This is a household name in Indiana. It is home to a fantastic golf course and hotel to which no expense has been spared. The casino located on the property is not their primary focus or their main attraction but is instead just one of their amenities which they offer to their guests.

As a result of this, they do not have the most extensive offering in Indiana (they have only 37 table games). It could be just the right move to launch their online casino. This is because unlike other land-based casinos, they haven’t spent much money on buying expensive slot machines and gaming equipment.

What they do have is enough experience to run a successful Indiana online casino experience. This is just speculation; it is likely that they may choose to expand their casino into the online market.

A deciding factor would be the casinos stance towards the business aspect of gambling. Some of these casinos offer their services as one of the amenities on their facilities.

Along with golf and a day spa, the casino offering is purely for the enjoyment of their guests. In this case it would be unlikely for them to move online since it isn’t their particular target market.

However, the casinos that are a part of larger companies with locations around the US are expected to offer online services. The main reason for this is that gambling is their main focus and anything that can improve the profitability of their enterprise would be welcomed.

Other Operators

There are plenty of other competitors on the Indiana gambling scene. These include:

  • Blue Chip casino,
  • Four Winds South Bend,
  • Hollywood Casino Lawrenceburg,
  • Hoosiers Park,
  • Horseshoe Southern Indiana,
  • Horsehoe Hammond,
  • Indiana Grand Casino,
  • Majestic Star,
  • Majestic Star II,
  • Rising Star Casino Resort
  • Tropicana Evansville.

We are yet to see which of these brands are going to be the top online casinos in Indiana.

Legal forms of gambling in Indiana

Indiana online casino gambling, including online poker, is prohibited in Indiana. As yet there are no proposed laws or bills that would hint at online poker becoming legal any time soon.

Online horse and greyhound betting are legal in the state.

Indiana recognizes two betting sites in this regard- BetAmerica and WatchandWager. Fantasy Sports betting is, as a game of skill, exempt from the gambling laws which would otherwise prohibit this type of betting.

DraftKings and FanDuel are the two most prominent websites in the industry where Indiana residents can place their bets on online fantasy sports.

From a legal perspective, it is important to note how legislation defines gambling since this will influence what regulations fall under the particular activity. “Gambling” in Indiana is defined as risking money or other property for gain.

The critical rule is that if you find yourself gambling in an unregulated industry, you are most likely committing an offence and will be charged with a misdemeanour. Indiana online casino real money companies that provide online gambling is, therefore, explicitly prohibited.

The law in Indiana states that it is a crime to intentionally use the internet to participate in unlawful gambling. As it stands the running of an Indiana online casino as well as participating in the activity of online gambling carries a hefty fine or even prison time.

What this means is that if you are in the borders of Indiana, you cannot gamble online, also when the online casino is based abroad.

As mentioned before there are currently no legal Indiana online casino real money. The only form of online betting which is allowed is horse and greyhound betting, fantasy Sports betting and skill-based online games betting. These are specifically exempted from Indiana’s strict regulations.

Charitable gaming, such as Bingo and raffle tickets, are legal in the state of Indiana. They also allow for lottery betting, which has been around since the 90’s.
Indiana Casinos

Indiana Mobile Casino Apps

Gambling online from your mobile device is probably the most convenient way to place bets outside of an actual casino. However, it poses some serious problems for states in the US. Where online gambling is legal in some states it is illegal in others such as Indiana.

Geo-fencing technology ensures that online gambling is only permissible in the states where it is legal. Indiana is looking at Geofencing technology to keep online gambling out of the State.

Recently Pennsylvania, New Jersey, West Virginia and Nevada legalized mobile sports wagering.

The laws which were passed are pretty much the same. The Indiana Gaming Commission has allegedly been in talks for the legalization of Indiana online casino gaming which could also mean that online mobile casino apps could also be on the way.

The commission has stated that players will be able to register online or in person. The information that a player will be required to give to the online casino is still being drafted by the commission.

This has of course been met with fierce criticism from the more conservative members of the state who are worried about the effect that legalizing online gambling will have on the citizens.

There is the fear that allowing Indiana online casino real money companies to provide online gambling, and especially mobile online betting, will lead to an increase in the number of gambling addicts.

As a response, the commission stated that the amount that a percentage of the amount that is taxed from online gambling will go towards the treatment and prevention of problem gambling.

Indiana Online Casinos in the Future

Despite Indiana being relatively liberal in their gambling laws, they have chosen to knuckle down on the online gambling industry in the past. Industry experts say this may change as a result of new legal developments in the US courts.

Recently Indiana’s governor Eric Holcomb signed a bill that legalized online sport betting. Following in the footsteps of surrounding states such as Pennsylvania and Iowa, the Gov. claims that the bill will encourage economic growth and create countless jobs.

In 2018 a research firm analyzed the potential impact of legalizing online betting and found that it would directly result in around $1.7 Billion within 5 years.

What this means is that as of September it will be legal for those over the age of 21 to bet on sporting events within the border of Indiana. The sports betting laws in Indiana involves statewide mobile wagering with a tax rate of 9.5%.

It is prohibited to bet on amateur sports where players are under the age of 18 in the hopes of eliminating the negative effect it could have on the young players. The Gaming Commission in Indiana is still in talks with the platforms that it will be available on but it will most likely accommodate mobile sports betting.

All of this is of course great news for Indiana as they will be one of the leaders in the country with the implementation of this technology. As forerunners, they will reap the most reward while simultaneously gaining valuable experience from the early development of online sports betting.

Sports betting apps are expected to roll out in early 2020 and are expected to team up with various land based casinos.

Land-Based Casino Race

Indiana sports betting licenses will be available to licensed casinos operating in Indiana. Which poses the question of which casino is most likely to enter into this market?

Harrah’s Hoosier Park, Tropicana, Hollywood Casino, and French Lick Casino have all been marked as likely candidates to enter into the market.

DraftKings and FunDuel will most likely be the first to offer mobile sports betting because they are already established in other states and it would be unlikely for them not to seize the opportunity. Should Online casinos be allowed in the future, these operators will be sure to release the best Indiana casino Apps.

Where do Indiana Online Casinos Currently Stand?

It is very likely that the success of online sports betting will encourage the State to loosen their restrictions on online casinos. It is undeniable that online gambling brings in large amounts of money and stimulates growth in the economy. This may result in pressure being put on the legislature to legalize online casinos.

The global trend has seen many land-based casinos moving online. Not only do casinos save money on overhead costs and employee wages, but they can offer their services to players while they are on the go.

This would be particularly attractive to the smaller casinos that struggle to compete with larger, more established entities. The fact that they have less invested in physical slot machines and table games may lead them to embrace the online route.

Of course, this is just speculation and only time will tell the future of the Indiana online casino’s in general and the online gambling industry in particular.

Casino Games Available in Indiana

People that visit Indiana, and those who reside their permanently, love to go to the casino. Those who visit these casinos will usually fit into two categories. Either they go there knowing exactly what casino game they will be playing because of experience or they are simply trying it out and are open to whatever the casino has on offer.

Depending on which casino you visit, you are likely to find the usual crowd favorites such as blackjack, poker, roulette and craps. On top of these table games, casinos will usually have a considerable slot offering where players can enjoy the rush of hitting those winning combinations and potentially winning the massive jackpot.

How to play Poker online in Indiana

Technically speaking, there is nothing stopping players in Indiana from playing poker online. The laws which surround online gambling are phrased such as to include online poker, which makes it illegal.

The law is silent on whether players can access and participate in offshore online poker tournaments, for example. What is 100% certain is that it is illegal, and you will most likely be caught if you operate an Indiana online casino within the borders of Indiana.

As a word of advice, you should only use a reputable offshore online gambling website if you choose to do so since there will be little that can be done if you fall victim to some form of scam or fraud.

Indiana Online Casinos – Concluding Thoughts

In conclusion the state of Indiana has made a landmark decision to allow wagering on sports online. Along with their already successful land-based casinos, the industry is more than likely headed for a ‘boom’.

The Future legal development of the online gambling industry in Indiana is something that residents and business owners are watching very closely since it will directly (and indirectly ) affect everyone’s lives in one way or another.

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