IGT PlaySports Solutions

IGT PlaySports Solutions advertise themselves as being more than a platform, they are your partner. In fact, they are one of the leading B2B sports betting technology platforms that provide support, hardware and software to leading brands in the industry.

What they do is offer the most appropriate gaming setup for any property. They have already done so for many brands across Europe, Latin America, and Asia.

The most recent news that broke out says that IGT PlaySports UBetOhio is already live. With Louisiana already being on their way.

IGT PlaySports Solutions

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IGT Sports Betting Solutions

IGT PlaySports Solutions are quite aware that the one-glove first-all format is near impossible, and are for that reason offering flexible solutions to their customers. Partnering up with them allows you to either order an already finished product that you turn on immediately or a customizable one which you can cater to your needs.

The list of both hardware and software solutions that they provide is rather interesting and peculiar to take into consideration.

PlaySports Pad

If you are a bar or a casino owner, you can implement the use of a PlaySports Pad. This is a very easy and simple solution. As all that you need to do is tether a few of these interesting devices to parts of your establishment for customers to use them. A sportsbook establishment can use a PlaySports Pad to bring their visitors sports betting opportunities directly and with ease.

PlaySports QuickBet Kiosk

If you don’t have enough room on your floorspace, you can order an IGT PlaySports Quickbet Kiosk. Basically, set it anywhere you want. It does not take up more room than an ATM machine. But has the potential to establish more revenue for your business. Placing an IGT PlaySports Quickbet Kiosk strategically in various places may benefit your business largely. You don’t need to consume much space and can set them up almost anywhere you like.


A casino bar does sound like a very nifty idea. With the help of a PeakBarTop it can become a reality. This is a very easy-to-use piece of IGT Hardware. It has a very easy-to-understand design and can be placed on any surface for players to access.

PlaySports CrystalFlex

Another interesting piece of IGT Hardware is the PlaySports CrystalFlex. Here, players can access casinos, slots, poker or various other types of games via a single cabinet. A business can create its own game space with a few of these and kickstart its very own business plan.

IGT PlaySports Services

With the IGT PlaySports Solutions services, companies can get all the bells and whistles to set up whatever they need in terms of wagering or sports betting offers. The main part is their PlaySports Platform. It is market ready, as it provides versatility and scalability to everyone that applies it.

PlaySports Player Account Management is a unique way to increase your customer acquisition by providing personalised betting promotions. These services are already available in states such as New Jersey, Nevada, Colorado, Washington, Arizona, and Louisiana, with Ohio also on the way.

Finally, trading advisory services can enable many clients to enter the world of sports betting and advance from there. However, this type of service is aimed at clients fro the US and Canada specifically.

IGT PlaySports Partners with UBetOhio

Sports betting in Ohio was made legal in December 2021. It took them around a year to finally open up their businesses and provide for the citizens of Buckeye State.

IGT PlaySports UBetOhio helped to establish sports wagering in a lot of ways. IGT PlaySports UBetOhio came with fully integrated technology and total support to make all of this possible.

IGT in Lousiana

After IGT PlaySports UBetOhio, is coming to Lousiana. The Bayou State approved the deployment of IGT offers, including IGT Software and IGT Slots. Darnell Johnson was the first one to state that betting is expected to go live in the first quarter of 2023. They stated that everything would happen relatively quickly, mainly thanks to the deployment of IGT’s services.

IGT Gaming

PlaySports Launches QuickBet Kioks in Ohio

Joe Asher was one of the fiercest supporters of IGT. He essentially helped them make a breakthrough by adding Kiosks in bars and restaurants across the state. He stated that after the first two weeks of deployment of these Kiosks, positive reviews started rolling in with a lot of excited fans about the coming services.

Payment Options

To be able to use IGT Slots and platforms, users have the opportunity to use three main payment options. Carded Cashless, where players use traditional cards to add funds. Cardless Chashless, where players use their phones instead of a player’s card to access their accounts. Also, IGT Pay is a proprietary payment method that allows for external funding of cashless accounts.

Review Conclusion

IGT PlaySports Solutions sound like a perfect way for business to open up a sports betting or wager space quite quickly. Everything is already set for you, one simply needs to come up with an idea and contact them. They don’t even have to have a grand idea. Much of the software and platforms are already set for you.

IGT PlaySports Solutions seems to be doing its best to bring sports betting to a variety of states in the US. So we may even expect more to come soon.

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