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Delaware had a few forms of legal gambling before the repeal of PASPA but this development has, nonetheless, influenced the direction that online sports and casino wagering is going.
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Delaware Online Sports Betting 2019

There are a lot of new law changes in Delaware, and that means exciting things for folks looking to bet on online sports! At the moment, Delaware casinos and racetracks are already hard at work to put together their Delaware online sportsbook to release to eager sports fans looking to add a bit of extra excitement to their sports experience.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive overview of what’s likely to happen in the future of Delaware sports betting, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll let you know who we expect to offer an outstanding online sports betting experience in Delaware. Also we’ll talk about how to make a bet and what you can do to get ahead of the curve when Delaware sports betting gets fully legalized.

Delaware Sports Betting – What’s Legal?

So, before we begin, note that every state so far that has legalized online sports betting has had two restrictions: you must be 21+ to play, and whatever device you are playing from must have location services enabled so it can verify that you’re in Delaware. You won’t be able to use your Dover Downs account to bet on sports when you’re in Maryland for a trip, for example.

There are a few simple wagering requirements that you’ll have to meet when you’re betting on sports in Delaware, including the above age and location requirements. You’ll probably have to enter the last 4 digits of your social. Don’t worry– all apps and websites that we expect to offer Delaware sports betting are going to need to be verified by the state government, so no funny business. Now, on to the history:

In 2018, the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) was overturned, removing federal restrictions on sports betting. Previously, there were federal restrictions in place that didn’t allow sports betting to take place in any capacity. However, Delaware was one of the few exemptions, being allowed to continue to conduct legal sports betting at several locations around the state despite the fact that PASPA was enacted in 1992. What this means for Delaware bettors is that Delaware sportsbooks have an experience that other states don’t!

The wheels of bureaucracy grind slowly, so it’s taking some time for online Delaware sports betting to get off the ground floor and achieve legal status within the state. Because it’s only a matter of time before Delaware fully legalizes online sports betting, we’re going to give you the rundown on existing brick-and-mortar locations that we expect will offer online sports betting in Delaware.

Delaware Sports Betting

Which Sports Will I Be Able to Bet on in Delaware?

In Delaware, there are already a few locations already offering in-person sports betting. However, when the market opens up to online bets, Delaware sports betting will have to keep pace with other states already offering online sports betting. We expect that this means sites will add a multitude of sports and leagues to bet on, and not just the pros — college basketball and football will likely be offered as well.

As it stands, a few locations are already offering in-person betting, so we expect that those online sportsbooks will start off supporting the sports that their physical locations already have experience with. For example, Harrington Raceway already offers sports betting on NFL and NCAA football, baseball, pro and college basketball, hockey, golf, NASCAR, and soccer.

When more Delaware online sportsbook websites and apps start to come to fruition, Delawareans will have access to a whole myriad of sports to choose from, and a handful of promotions and bonuses to get a little extra bang for their buck! Online sportsbooks in other states are offering betting on everything from thoroughbred racing to pro ball to darts, so there is a lot of evidence for sportsbooks covering everything but the kitchen sink.

Delaware Betting Apps

Some of the Delaware Sports Betting apps that we expect to be released in the near future are going to be based on experience in brick-and-mortar locations around Delaware. For example, Dover Downs and Dover International Speedway offer harness racing and NASCAR racing respectively, and Harrington Raceway offers harness racing and in-person sports betting. Delaware Park, too, has offered harness racing for years, and its dedicated fans will be delighted once they’re finally able to bet on racing (in addition to a whole host of other favorite sports) online or from the comfort of their smartphone.

These three trusted Delaware locations already have the experience dealing with sports betting, so it’s only a matter of time before they take that experience online. In addition, to stay competitive, any sportsbook worth their salt will also put out a smartphone app so you can have your entire sports betting experience at your fingertips. Promotions, bonuses, and rewards programs await Delaware bettors as well, so any way you slice it, there’s going to be great ways to get online and get more bets for your money.

How to Choose the Best Online Betting Sites in Delaware

There are going to be quite a few operators trying to get into the Delaware online sports betting market. Delaware offers more casino and racing experiences than you can shake a stick at, so it can be hard to separate the good from the bad. The more you know about the brands, the easier for you is it going to be to find the best online betting sites. Here’s a few operators that we expect are going to get into Delaware sports betting, and what we think they can offer you as a player:

Dover Downs Gaming

Dover Downs has offered fantastic casino games and harness racing for years in Delaware, and they’re recently starting to stretch their legs in the online casino market. This being the case, we expect Dover Downs to release an online sportsbook in Delaware as soon as they are able.

Their online casino offers a great deal of promotions and bonuses, and the Capital Rewards program is a great way to get extra points for every bet you make, even if you don’t win. There’s a deposit bonus of 100% up to $100 if you sign up with the Dover Downs casino today, so we’re going to see similar bonuses pop up on the Dover Downs online sportsbook too — it only makes sense.

Dover Downs acccepts Visa, Mastercard, ACH, and Neteller, and has phone and email support options. We found their customer service department to be relatively prompt and always helpful– we’re excited to see what they do once Delaware Sports Betting goes fully legal.

Delaware Park Online Sportsbook

Delaware Park, trusted harness track and casino, also recently got into the online casino market, and their experience shows. The Delaware Park online casino is streamlined and fun to play, though we’re hoping for a move away from the Flash plugin in the future. The Delaware Park online casino app is also a great way to get on and play casino games and poker from the comfort of your smartphone.

With this in mind, look for Delaware Park to get their irons in the fire as soon as the Delaware online sportsbook market opens up. Their experience with harness racing means that they’ve got the infrastructure in place to handle sports betting, and the Delaware audience is certainly waiting for their chance to get on an easy-to-use sports betting app. Promos and bonuses add a bit of extra fun into the mix with their online casino app, so we expect that Delaware Park’s online sportsbook will be similarly generous.

Delaware Park accepts Visa, Mastercard, ACH, and Neteller for payment and withdrawal options, and has phone and email support in addition to an extensive FAQ if you have any other questions. Their responses came within a matter of hours, and we found that any further disputes were resolved within a few days.

Harrington Raceway

Harrington Raceway has experience with sports betting, as they’re the only venue we’ve mentioned thus far that already has a sportsbook in place. Therefore, it’s not a stretch to imagine that they’ll implement an online sportsbook as soon as possible.

The Harrington online casino has some decent promotions, including a 100% deposit bonus up to $500. We can expect that they’ll have similarly enticing bonuses when they do have the ability to put up an online sportsbook, so Delaware players looking to double the size of their bank can do so with just a few clicks or taps. We’re eager to see what else Harrington Raceway comes up with!

Harrington Raceway has a responsive customer service department offering phone and email support, and they’ve always been helpful and quick to respond to any query we’ve had. We have had some issues with their servers, but we imagine those issues will be fully handled by the time they offer their online sportsbook.

How To Place Bets With Delaware Online Sportsbooks

We’ve taken a look at the other betting options offered by a few favorite Delaware locations, and with that information have gotten a good sense of what you can expect when sports betting in Delaware. All of the sites we’ve mentioned seem to have relatively streamlined online casino offerings with bonuses and promotions that make it doubly worthwhile for their customers, so don’t worry– we’ve steered you in the right direction.

The best online betting sites will have a clear path to selecting your favorite teams and betting choices, with odds and spreads clearly delineated in an easy-to-read format. However, Harrington Raceway is the only operator that we’ve mentioned that already has experience offering a fully-fledged sportsbook (covering pro and college basketball, football, Major League baseball, and more). We’ve got to give Harrington the edge when it comes to sports betting experience.

If sports betting experience is something you don’t have, we’ll give you a quick rundown on common kinds of sports bets and what you can expect when you’re placing your bets on an online sportsbook.

Common Types Of Sports Bets

Moneyline bets are typically a one-team bet that you pick to win, but you have to follow their odds throughout the whole season. Delaware Sportsbook Apps are expected to have their moneylines easily laid out and described, so that everyone from beginner bettors to expert punters have an edge on how they’re spending their money.

Spread betting when you’re using Delaware Sportsbook Apps, or any apps for that matter can feel an awful lot like playing the stock market. Don’t worry, however– the idea is that you’re betting against the worries of others, but the Delaware Sportsbook Apps will give you a clear idea of what your odds are and how you’re betting.

Our Final Thoughts on Delaware Sports Betting

When Delaware sports betting does finally go online (and we think it’s only a matter of time), Delaware players are going to have more than a few decent options to get online and start playing. Harrington Raceway, Dover Downs, and Delaware Park are three fantastic options that we expect will have fully-fledged online sportsbooks and smartphone apps in the near future.

These three brick-and-mortar locations have been dealing with sports betting in different ways for years, giving them the edge and the experience when discerning bettors are looking for the best place to conduct online sports betting in Delaware. PASPA, now overturned, did have an effect on the legality of sports betting on a federal level, but Delaware was given an exemption. This additional experience means that you can trust operators to give you the best odds, the best payouts, and a shovelful of promotions and bonuses to boot.

We’ve given the names of three trusted locations whom we think have the best service overall. Make decisions based on your own needs, and check back with us for more info regarding legal Delaware sports betting and how you can get the best deals for your money!

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