Current NHL Playoff Picture with Odds to win Cup

Current NHL Playoff Picture with Odds to win Cup

The NHL All-Star Break has come and gone and now is when futures betting will heat up for this sport. Here is a look at the current playoff picture and which teams might win the Stanley Cup.

The Stanley Cup is one of the toughest trophies to win in all of the sports, and there is generally some luck involved. Any team that makes it into the playoff technically has a shot at winning the Stanley Cup, but there are some teams that stand out above the pack.

There has been one team that has stood out above the rest for much of the season, and that is now reflected in the current betting odds. These odds can still change as the season moves along, but you aren’t going to see a ton of movement.

The playoff picture in each division is starting to shape up as well, but there are still some tight races for the Wild Card. With so many playoff spots still available, that will make the final few months of the season full of drama.

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Betting Odds to Win Stanley Cup

The Colorado Avalanche have been the Stanley Cup betting favorites since before the season began, and they have opened up a pretty clear gap at this time. There are still a handful of teams that can make a run over the next few weeks of the season but don’t expect any other team to replace the Avalanche at the top.

Here are the current betting odds to win the Stanley Cup:

  • Colorado Avalanche +450
  • Tampa Bay Lightning +750
  • Florida Panthers +800
  • Vegas Golden Knights +800
  • Carolina Hurricanes +1000
  • Toronto Maple Leafs +1000
  • Everyone Else +1600 or Higher

Tight Race in the East

There are six teams in the Eastern Conference that enter this week with at least 65 points on the year, and the leaders have 70. The Tampa Bay Lightning and the Pittsburgh Penguins are at the top of this conference, but those standings are going to be changing several times over the course of the year.

The Tampa Bay Lightning are the current betting favorites at +390, and they are the two-time defending Stanley Cup champion. Florida has odds set at +430 to win the East, but there are a number of other teams in the mix as well.

The battle to win the Western Conference will be tight as well, but the East appears to have a bigger group of teams that can win it.

Clear Leader in the West

The Western Conference has some terrific teams as well, but there is one team that stands out above the pack. The Colorado Avalanche have opened up a sizable lead in the conference race, and they are also the betting favorites at +190.

Vegas is another franchise that continues to be successful, and they should be able to factor into the mix as well. The Golden Knights have odds set at +410, and they are followed by the Minnesota Wild at +850.

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