Washington DC Sports Betting As of November 2018, the legalization of sports betting in Washington, D.C. seems to be closer than ever before. While the district’s gambling laws are still restrictive of both online and in-person gambling, many of the neighboring states allow either sports betting or both casino gambling and sports betting. On September 18,

Washington DC Online Casinos If you’re in the Nation’s Capital, that, unfortunately, means you cannot play casino games nor have access to online casinos. This is the case even if you originally downloaded a casino app in a state where you can legally play. The legislation will need to change significantly if casino halls are

Virginia Sports Betting Virginia has always been an anti-gambling state, and, right now, it seems that sports betting is not any closer to being legalized. Even with the PASPA repeal, the Old Dominion retains its firm stance on sports betting, at least for the time being. The only form of gambling allowed in Virginia is

Virginia Online Casino Casinos are not permitted in Virginia. This holds for both land-based casinos and online casinos. Unfortunately, the laws in Virginia will have to change significantly for such activities to become regulated and legal. However, this is not necessarily outside the realm of possibilities as lawmakers in every state are keen to capitalize

Washington D.C. Online Gambling The District of Columbia is very restrictive when it comes to all forms of gambling (excluding Lottery). There are, basically, no casinos on the district grounds, nor is there a way for one to be opened. DC does not grant licenses and most of the residents’ gambling activities take place in

Virginia Online Gambling Virginia is one of the states whose legislators are strongly against most forms of gambling in the state. This means that, so far, the only state-acknowledged and regulated forms of gambling have been the pari-mutuel horse-racing bets, which can be placed either at the race-track or the licensed satellite facilities. However, with

New Mexico Online Gambling Many states in the US have gone through a lot of change to adapt to the legal changes regarding sports betting. Several states have already legalized sports betting, but others are yet to take this step. You can take a look below for more details about Sports Betting and Online Casinos.

New Mexico Online Casino Legal changes related to the gambling regulations in 2018 will be well remembered for a long time. However, the elimination of PASPA will only affect sports betting. While you can gamble at local casinos, New Mexico online casinos are still unavailable, as this form of gambling is unregulated and illegal. However,

New Mexico Sports Betting The abolition of PASPA has brought about a lot of change across several states in the US. Majority of states have a clear attitude towards betting, either positive or a negative one. When it comes to New Mexico, it looks like that in a few years steps will be taken to