Wisconsin Casinos 2024

The state of Wisconsin has a very large casino industry, but it is one that is dominated by Native American tribes. State lawmakers do have to give approval for these tribes to offer casino games, but there isn’t a ton of other control that the state has.

Wisconsin Online Casinos
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There are no Wisconsin online casinos available in 2021, and it doesn’t appear that any of these sites are coming in the near future. WI online casino sites would threaten to take away revenue from the tribal properties, and that is something that they aren’t willing to give up. 

Native American tribes and the state of Wisconsin do have a very good relationship, and lawmakers are unwilling to upset that balance by introducing an iGaming bill. It can be a delicate balance if consider what’s happening for California online casinos in the West.

WI Online Casino Rules

Wisconsin casino rules prohibit commercial casinos, but there are close to 25 tribal properties already up and running in the state. That number continues to climb, and a brand new facility just got approved in the city of Beloit.

These tribal casinos are able to offer a wide range of casino games, including poker. If WI online casino gaming was ever legalized, the online sites should be able to offer all of the most popular games as well. 

WI Casino Regulations

The first step in legalizing WI online casino sites is to have a bill introduced in the state legislature. There has not been a lawmaker even attempt such a thing at this time, as everyone knows where the Native American tribes stand on the issue.

If WI online casino gambling was ever legalized, it would be the Native American tribes that were given most of the power. It is possible that online-only operators would be able to apply for a license, but it would be the tribes that would be given the best opportunity to succeed and to profit.


Unless the Native American tribes in Wisconsin begin to push for the legalization of Wisconsin online casinos, it just isn’t going to happen. There is no doubt that this new industry would provide a significant revenue source for the state, but it could also hurt the revenue of the tribes.

Wisconsin sports betting has also not really been on the regulators’ agenda, and that’s not a good sign for anyone hoping for online casino gambling. This doesn’t mean that Wisconsin online gambling sites can’t be legalized in the future, but it’s going to be a few years, at least.

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