Washington Casinos 2024

Washington online casino gambling is not currently legal, and most industry experts believe that it won’t be for a long time. The state of Washington has some very strict gambling rules in place, especially when it comes to legal online gambling.

There is casino gambling in Washington, but it is all done at the tribal casinos in the state. Cardrooms are also available throughout Washington, but there is a limited amount of gambling that can be done at these properties.

Washington is a state that has explored expanding gambling options in the past, but online casino gambling has not been included at this time. 

Washington Online Casinos
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WA Online Casino Rules

Tribal casinos in Washington can offer a wide selection of casino game options, but that isn’t the case with cardrooms. If lawmakers in this state wish to legalize WA online casino gambling, creating rules to govern the industry would be one of the first steps needed.

Washington is not going to be a state that legalizes commercial casinos first, and this would have to be an endeavor that is done exclusively online. WA online casino rules would outline what games are available in the state, and if online poker would be included in any piece of legislation. 

WA Casino Regulations

One bill to keep a close eye on in Washington is SB 5212, which was proposed by Senator Curtis King. This bill had nothing to do with WA online casino gambling, but it did seek to allow online sports betting to take place at cardrooms in the state.

In 2020, there was a similar bill introduced, but that bill would have allowed for state-wide mobile sports betting. Typically, allowing online sports betting is the first step towards other iGaming opportunities. 

Tribal casinos have pushed back against online sports betting for cardrooms, and that could create some problems when looking to offer iGaming as well. 


With no commercial casinos located in the state of Washington, the chances of online casino gambling appear to be very slim. Washington is a state that is looking for new sources of revenue, and that could eventually open the door to WA online casino gambling.

Cardrooms in Washington have made a push to allow online gambling, but that’s only been in regards to sports betting. Passing an online sports betting bill could eventually open the doors for more opportunities.

Washington online casino gambling is not going to be coming anytime soon, but this industry could eventually launch in a couple of years.

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