Washington DC Online Casinos 2024

Washington D.C. online casinos are not available in 2021, and these sites are not expected to be offered anytime soon. The Nation’s capital does not have any commercial casino gaming of any kind, and this law extends to online as well.

Washington DC Online Casinos
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The legalization of the sports betting industry in Washington D.C. was quite the battle, and lawmakers have not even started to explore online casino gambling at this time. Sports betting has also struggled to really take off in Washington D.C., and lawmakers want to see that industry get established before looking at other iGaming options. 

There is always a chance that Washington D.C. online casinos could be legalized at any time, but the first step has not even taken place as of yet. 

D.C. Online Casino Rules

Washington D.C. currently has rules in place that prohibit any and all forms of casino gambling. Before D.C. online casinos are able to launch, these rules would have to be either changed or removed.

Getting enough support to legalize this growing industry would be the first step for any lawmaker looking to legalize the industry. If a bill is ultimately passed, the next step would be to establish D.C. online casino rules to govern the industry. 

This is not something that can be done quickly, but getting the process started will likely be the most difficult step. 

D.C. Casino Regulations

It’s hard to envision what a D.C. online casino industry would look like until a bill is introduced. While the first bill likely won’t establish the industry completely, it will give a look into what could possibly be in place.

D.C. online casinos could look similar to what takes place in other parts of the country, but the route to getting there would be much different. Allowing online-only operators and remote registration would give D.C. the best chance to establish the industry. 


It was a major shock when Washington D.C. went ahead and approved online and retail sports betting, but that is likely where the iGaming stops. There has not been any talk about legalizing D.C. online casinos in recent months, and it’s going to stay that way for a while.

Eventually, the pressure of other states legalizing this industry could force a change in D.C. casino laws, but that won’t be happening anytime soon. Sports betting was much easier to legalize and launch, but don’t expect D.C. online casinos to be offered in the near future.

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