Vermont Online Casinos 2024

Anyone wanting to gamble at casinos in Vermont will be extremely disappointed as the state does not have any of these properties available. This also means that online casinos in Vermont are not offered yet either, but this could change before a land-based property is opened.

Since 2020, lawmakers in have been attempting to legalize Vermont sports betting, and there is some support in 2022. Online sports betting has been the major focus, and it could potentially open the door for online casinos in Vermont too.

It doesn’t appear that any action is imminent at this time, but lawmakers in the state are at least taking steps to seek out expanding gaming opportunities.

Vermont Online Casinos
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Vermont Online Casino Rules

Since there are no commercial casinos in Vermont, lawmakers have not even begun to think about VT online casino rules. Getting this industry legalized is the first major step, but new rules to govern the industry will also need to be created. 

Another issue that will need to be discussed by lawmakers is what to do with online poker. Most states legalize this game with online casinos, but that wouldn’t have to be the case in Vermont. 

Vermont Casino Regulations

Vermont bill S 77 is the piece of legislation that is currently making its way through the Vermont legislature. This bill is not tied to VT online casino gaming in any way, but it could eventually allow this industry to launch.

S 77 seeks to legalize sports betting, and that would give lawmakers the option to try to add online casino gaming as well. If this bill does not gain enough support in 2021, it likely means that any efforts to legalize VT online casinos will fall short. 

This bill is still in the early stages, and there are many regulations that will need to be established before any form of online betting is offered. 


If lawmakers in the state are able to get online sports betting pushed through the legislature and approved, then VT online casino gambling could be the next step. This would create a brand new industry for the state as there aren’t any commercial casinos available at this time.

Even though Vermont will never become one of the biggest online casino industries in the United States, there are a number of online casino sites that would jump at the opportunity to launch in the state. This is a growing industry, and sites are simply looking for new markets.

Don’t expect a VT online casino gambling bill to be brought forward anytime soon, but this will likely occur at some point.

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