Texas Casinos 2023

The state of Texas has some of the most strict laws when it comes to gambling in general, and therefore Texas online casinos are not permitted. There aren’t any in-person casinos currently in the state at this time, and residents are forced to travel to Oklahoma to do casino gambling.

Texas could become one of the biggest online casino markets in the United States if the laws are ever changed, but it doesn’t appear that a change is coming anytime soon. There have been some Texas online casino gambling bills introduced in recent years, but those efforts have gone nowhere. Texas online sportsbooks are going through similar headaches.

The entire Southwest portion of the United States has very limited casino gambling options, and casino gambling has not been a hot topic either. More and more states in the US have started to explore online casino gambling, but Texas has not been one of them. 

Texas Online Casinos
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TX Online Casino Rules

Getting a TX online casino gambling bill introduced in the state is a hard enough challenge, and it’s hard to envision what creating rules will look like. Many states with online casino gambling have spent months trying to craft rules to guide the industry, and Texas is years away from that state.

Lawmakers in Texas will first need to determine what types of properties or companies would be able to offer online casino gambling. Without in-person casinos in the state, it would make sense that online-only operators would be permitted.

Determining what games can be offered at these TX online casino sites could prove to be another problematic step as there is no real guidance in this area. Most states also legalize online poker at the same time, but that is another discussion that will need to take place.

Lawmakers in Texas will first look to pass a bill to allow for casino gambling to take place, and trying to create rules will come at a later time. With this being such a difficult process, it is easy to see why TX online casino gambling is not a certainty. 

TX Casino Regulations

Even in states that have yet to legalize casino gambling, there have been some recent attempts in most of them. That just hasn’t happened at all in Texas, and there aren’t even any bills to really reference.

Some TX online casino bills have been sponsored and introduced, but those have all been shot down before even getting close to an official vote. There was a push in early 2021 to legalize both sports betting and casino gambling, but that effort also came to a quick end. 

The Texas Lottery would likely be put in charge of TX online casino gambling if the industry was to be legalized. This is how a number of states choose to regulate the industry, and it would make sense for Texas to do the same. 


Until Texas is able to first legalize casino gambling, online casino gambling will not be coming to the Lone Star State. Technically, TX online casino gambling could be legalized first, but that just doesn’t seem to be a possibility with lawmakers at this time.

Some Democrat legislators have attempted to introduce bills to change the restrictive gambling laws in Texas, but this state is led by the Republican party. Members of that party have not been willing to make any concessions in the past, and they likely won’t be changing their minds on this topic.

Texas online casino gambling could become a giant in the United States, but currently, there is no path to get this industry up and running.

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