South Dakota Casinos 2023

Now that sports betting is legal in the state, many wonder if South Dakota online casinos are the next to be legalized. This doesn’t seem like a likely scenario, but the door is wide open if lawmakers want to focus on the next step of iGaming.

South Dakota Online Casinos
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All of the South Dakota casino gaming is done in the small town of Deadwood, and those casino operators are not willing to let the online industry launch. Casino revenue helps to keep the city up and running, and there is a concern that SD online casinos would hurt that revenue.

South Dakota would not become a large online casino industry if this were to be an option, and it’s not likely that lawmakers explore this industry anytime soon.

SD Casino Rules

While the South Dakota casino industry is not as large as some others around the country, it has been extremely successful. The Deadwood casino industry continues to grow, and there are some pretty relaxed SD casino rules.

These same rules could eventually be applied to SD online casinos, and that could allow lawmakers to establish D online casinos rather quickly. The major problem here is that allowing online casino gambling could interfere with some of the gambling laws already established and could potentially cause some lawsuits.

SD Casino Regulations

It was clear that the South Dakota legislature wanted to expand gaming options in 2021, but SD online casino gaming was never brought up in those discussions. It could be that lawmakers simply wanted to focus on one industry at a time, or there are no potential plans for online casinos.

Senate Bill 44 was the piece of legislation that will provide sweeping changes to the sports betting industry, but that’s all that was included. It would take another bill entirely for SD online casinos, and that’s not likely to happen anytime soon.


The legalization of sports betting could potentially allow for SD online casino gaming, but this is not something that many lawmakers are comfortable exploring. Casinos were built in the town of Deadwood to save the city, and sports betting was legalized to do the same.

There is no doubt that SD online casino sites would be successful in the state, but it would also hurt the revenue for the current casinos. This could be an industry that South Dakota lawmakers explore down the road, but nothing seems imminent at this point in time.

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