South Carolina Online Casinos 2024

South Carolina online casino sites are not available in 2021, and they might not be available in 2031 either. This state has some extremely strict laws when it comes to gambling, and lawmakers have not been able to do anything to change those laws.

South Carolina is one of a handful of states that don’t have any casino options, either the commercial or tribal variety. These properties are not necessarily needed to launch online casino gaming, but it makes things much more complicated.

There have been some recent attempts to legalize sports betting in South Carolina, and that could ultimately create a path for South Carolina online casinos. Those efforts didn’t get very far, though, and it appears that SC sports betting has been tabled as well.

Now that a number of states throughout the US are looking to legalize iGaming, it could eventually put some pressure on South Carolina to do the same. This pressure has not gotten to lawmakers in the past, and it might be a few more years before that is the case.

South Carolina Online Casinos
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SC Online Casino Rules

SC online casino rules will need to be created from scratch before this industry is ever able to launch. This state doesn’t even have casino rules in place as there are no casino properties available in the state. Hope will have to be placed in neighboring Florida for online casino.

One of the biggest decisions that will need to be made if this industry is going to launch is how many operators will be approved to apply for a license. These would have to be online-only operators as there are no casinos available to partner with.

Lawmakers in the state will also have to determine which casino games can be offered at SC online casino sites before these sites can launch. Online poker is typically legalized at the same time that online casinos are, but that’s not always the case. 

Until a bill looking to legalize online casinos is presented in the state legislature, there won’t be any discussion of SC online casino rules. This will be a long process and can further delay the launch of this industry. 

SC Casino Regulations

Even though there have only been a handful of states that have legalized online casino gaming, a large group of states have at least explored the industry. That just has not been the case in South Carolina at this time, and it might not be for a while.

With such strict gambling laws currently in place in South Carolina, lawmakers just aren’t willing to challenge those current rules. It’s hard to know what an initial SC online casino bill might look like until something is officially introduced. 

It is also unclear how much support there would be for an SC online casino bill, but this state is not likely to approve casino gaming on the first attempt. 


There are going to be some states in the US that legalize and launch iGaming in 2021, but this is not a state ready to join that group. South Carolina online casino gaming is not even close at this time, and it doesn’t appear that it will be anytime soon. 

It would make sense that SC online casinos would be approved before any land-based properties were built as the state has strict laws against that industry. Lawmakers will have to get creative in attempting to legalize iGaming, but it could potentially be done. 

There hasn’t been a large push from residents or lawmakers to explore this industry yet, but there will be a SC online casino gaming bill introduced at some point. If there is enough support behind it, then this state could eventually break through with some casino gaming options.

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