Rhode Island Online Casinos 2024

Rhode Island online casino gambling is banned at this time, but there is some belief that the laws could soon be changing. Lawmakers in Rhode Island have taken an aggressive approach to seek out expanding gambling options, and iGaming is a growing trend throughout the US.

Rhode Island casino gambling could become legal by way of a simple referendum that gets passed, and that would make it much easier to pass. Voters in the state have approved a few different gambling referendums in recent years, so it is clear that support is there.

This is not a state that would become a leader in the casino gambling industry, but it would give gamblers many more options than just RI sports betting

Rhode Island Online Casinos
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RI Online Casino Rules

There are just two casinos in the state of Rhode Island, but that does mean that casino gambling is in place. RI online casino rules will likely be very similar to what is allowed and prohibited with land-based casino gambling.

Live poker is available at both Twin River Casino and Tiverton Casino, and that should allow for RI online poker to be available as well. Creating rules to govern RI online casino gambling will be one of the biggest tasks facing lawmakers in the state. 

RI Casino Regulations

There has yet to be any RI online casino bills introduced in the state legislature, but that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been a push to expand gambling options. H 7437 was introduced in 2018 in an attempt to legalize the selling of online lottery tickets. 

There are currently no forms of online gambling in the state, but online sports betting has also been a topic for discussion in recent years. This could potentially lead to an online casino bill, but they won’t be tied together at first.

A constitutional amendment is not needed to allow RI online casino gambling, and that could make it much easier to introduce. The Division of Gaming and Athletics is responsible for the current casino industry and would be put in charge of online casino gambling as well. 


There are a handful of states that should be next on the list to pass online casino gambling laws, and Rhode Island should be one of them. RI online casino gambling would provide some much-needed revenue, and there is a pretty good casino industry already established.

Lawmakers in the state have yet to introduce an online casino bill but attempts to allow online lottery sales have been made. There is hope that allowing online lottery sales, it will lead to RI online casino gambling.

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