Oregon Online Casinos 2024

Oregon online casinos are not legal at this time, but there is an interesting option that has emerged in the state – you can bet with ScoreBoard from OR.

Oregon has actually had some pretty progressive gambling laws in place, but this state has not seen a ton of change and growth in the last few decades.

There is a historic horse racing site available in the state, but that is the closest thing you will find to an Oregon online casino site. There has not been a push to legalize this growing industry, and it doesn’t appear to be coming anytime soon. 

As the iGaming industry continues to grow in the United States, lawmakers in Oregon could eventually introduce a bill to allow Oregon online casinos.

Oregon Online Casinos
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OR Online Casino Rules

Even though OR online casino gambling does not exist, the state does have a pretty strong casino industry. There are 25 casinos in operation in the state, and live poker games are available as well. 

The Spirit Mountain Casino in Grand Ronde is the biggest property in the state, but there are a number of great options to choose from. The legal gambling age at Oregon casinos is just 18 years of age, but some properties require guests to be at least 21. 

OR Casino Regulations

Since there have not been any attempts to legalize OR online casino gambling, it is unclear what this potential industry might look like. Oregon lawmakers have struggled to build up a successful sport betting industry, and there is fear that this same thing could occur with online casino gambling. 

Historical horse racing sites are legal in the state, and that offers up an option that is similar to online casinos.

Luckii is a site that is licensed and regulated by the Oregon Racing Commission. The Oregon Racing Commission would likely be put in charge of OR online casino gambling if that became an option. 


Oregon online casino gambling is not likely to be legalized anytime soon, although that could change at any minute. Cleaning up the struggling sports betting industry is a priority at the moment, but lawmakers could eventually shift to iGaming.

The success of the historical horse racing sites in Oregon could eventually lead to more OR online casino options, but that will likely come a few years down the road. This just isn’t a priority at the moment with lawmakers, and there isn’t a big push from residents either.

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