Online Casinos in Tennessee 2024

Tennessee online casino gambling is not yet legal in the state, and it’s very unlikely that the rules ever change. All forms of casino gambling in Tennessee are prohibited, and lawmakers haven’t even made an attempt to introduce an online casino gambling bill. 

Lawmakers in Tennessee recently passed a sports betting bill, and that industry has been up and running since November 2020. Governor Bill Lee supported that measure, but he made it clear that casino gambling was not allowed.

At some point, a lawmaker is eventually going to challenge the current casino restrictions, but it’s unclear how much other support there will be. Tennessee casino gambling is not a priority to lawmakers, and there hasn’t been a big push from residents either.

Tennessee Online Casinos
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TN Online Casino Rules

The only forms of casino gambling allowed in Tennessee are social casinos. These are games that don’t require any real money, but coins can ultimately be traded in for real-cash prizes if someone wins. 

Tennessee has always had very restrictive gambling laws, and this applies to TN online casino sites as well. If an attempt is made to legalize this form of gambling, there will be a number of rules that need to be created.

Since there are no casinos in Tennessee, all casino games are prohibited. The US online casino industry has a large number of casino games available, but all of these games would be brand new to Tennessee.

The state would also have to make a decision regarding online poker as that is typically not included in online casino gambling legislation. Since poker is not yet allowed in Tennessee, it would likely require a separate bill to pass. 

Tennessee has set the age requirement at 21 years of age for sports betting, and that would likely remain in place for sports betting. 

TN Casino Regulations

House Bill 0001 was narrowly passed by state lawmakers in 2019, paving the way for online sports betting. Tennessee became the first state in the US to launch an online-only sports betting industry, and that could potentially mean good things for TN online casino gambling.

Other states have tied online casino gambling in with sports betting bills, but that was never even brought up in Tennessee. Since the state doesn’t have any commercial or tribal casinos, there was not a push to include this form of gambling. 

The Tennessee Education Lottery is in charge of the sports betting industry, but a gaming commission would be needed if online casino gambling came to the state. This additional step could make it even harder for the state to launch online casino gambling. 

There are some favorable laws in place for online-only sports betting in Tennessee, and that has allowed the state to get some big names. Several of these sites also have experience in online casino gambling, and it could be a smooth transition. 


The success of online sports betting could eventually put pressure on lawmakers to explore TN online casino gambling. In-person gambling would seemingly come first, but there is a path to simply allowing online-only operators to launch in the state.

Tennessee was able to attract some of the biggest names in sports betting when that industry launched, and online casino sites would more than likely jump at the chance to obtain a license in the Volunteer State.

Until a TN online casino gambling bill is introduced in the state legislature, the chances of getting this industry launched are non-existent. There will be a big push in the coming years to launch online casinos in some states, but Tennessee will not likely be one of them. 

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