New York Online Casinos 2024

New York online casinos might not be available in April 2021, but that will likely change before long. This state has been exploring expanded gaming options for the last few years, and iGaming is definitely on the radar.

New York Online Casinos
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Another positive sign for the potential of New York online casino gaming is the fact that online sports betting in the state was recently approved. Governor Andrew Cuomo was against all forms of online gaming at the beginning of his term but is now one of the biggest supporters of this industry.

It did take lawmakers more time than expected to pass the online sports betting bill, and the same thing could happen when New York online casino bills are discussed. For those wanting to play these types of games, a slight delay will be worth it as long as the industry is eventually legalized. 

It’s hard to predict when New York will move to allow online casino sites, but it’s pretty clear that it is coming at some point. 

NY Online Casino Rules

New York has both tribal and commercial casinos, but the location of these properties is seen as a big issue. There are no properties near New York City, which has kept the casino industry from becoming one of the biggest in the country.

Casinos in New York are able to offer a wide range of games, and NY online casino rules will likely be very similar. New York could also look at the current online casino rules in neighboring New Jersey to help get this industry up and running.

NY online casino rules will also have to establish how many operators will be available, and this could be a major point of discussion and debate. This was one of the biggest issues with online sports betting, but ultimately the decision was made by Governor Cuomo. 

New York lawmakers won’t have to start from scratch when creating online casino rules, but there is still plenty that will need to be determined and agreed on. 

NY Casino Regulations

Governor Cuomo included online sports betting in his upcoming budget proposal, and it is likely that NY online casino gaming will be approved that way in the future. There is money to be made from this industry, and New York is a state that could use the additional revenue.

With sports betting, operators will pay a $25 million licensing fee, and that price tag will likely be the same for NY online casinos. The tax rate is set at 12%, and again that should be unchanged when this new industry becomes available.

The first step will be to have a lawmaker propose a NY online casino bill, and it’s unclear when that will happen for the first time. 


The New York online casino industry could become one of the biggest in the country if and when this becomes legal. Lawmakers in New York have not yet started to discuss the possibility of legalizing online casinos, but the topic will come up at some point.

Sports betting has been the biggest issue facing both Governor Cuomo and legislators in recent months, but that appears to have been settled in April 2021. Now that mobile sports betting has been approved, it should only be a matter of time before online casinos follow suit.

There will be plenty of work to do when this topic is eventually brought up in the state legislature, but it wouldn’t be hard for operators to add this form of gambling to their current online platforms. New York online casino gaming is not a realistic option in 2021, but it could be coming as early as 2022 or 2023.

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