New Mexico Online Casinos 2023

New Mexico online casino gambling could soon become legal, at least that’s what some lawmakers in the state are hoping for. Online casino gambling was included in a bill that was mainly focused on legalizing online sports betting in the state. 

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been much movement on the bill since it was introduced in January 2021, but this is an important first step. There aren’t any commercial casinos in the state of New Mexico, but racinos do exist. 

A new law is not likely to take effect in 2021, but New Mexico online casino gambling should happen at some point. There are a number of issues to figure out, but the most important step of introducing a bill is out of the way. 

New Mexico Online Casinos
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NM Online Casino Rules

All of the current casino gambling in New Mexico is done at tribal locations or at racinos that have been established at race tracks. Tribal casinos have taken it upon themselves to begin offering online sports betting, but the same has not been done when it comes to NM online casino gambling.

Since there are no commercial casinos in the state, lawmakers will have to do some extra work to create NM online casino rules. Determining what games can be offered and betting limits will likely be part of the discussion moving forward. 

NM Casino Regulations

Up until 2021, there had not been NM online casino bills introduced in either chamber of the state legislature. That changed this year as HB 101 was pre-filed by a pair of representatives.

This online casino bill has been assigned to the House Education Committee and there has not been much discussion surrounding it. Getting a bill introduced is the first step, but gaining support from other lawmakers could prove to be a challenge. 

HB 101 would allow racinos to offer table games, but it would have no effect over tribal casinos as those properties are able to govern themselves. 


The status and future of HB 101 will likely determine the future of New Mexico online casino gambling. This bill won’t be able to pass through the legislature with how it is currently written, but there is a framework there that can be used.

Allowing NM online casino gambling would also let Native American tribes explore the growing and popular industry as well. This would create a large number of options for users in the state, and could create a very competitive market.

New Mexico online casino gambling might still be a few years away, but this betting option should be available at some point.

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