New Hampshire Online Casinos 2024

There are no New Hampshire online casino sites available at this time as a law has not been passed to legalize this form of gambling. Lawmakers in the state have not yet even introduced a bill to legalize this industry, and that is the first step that is needed.

The New England portion of the US has seen plenty of gambling expansion in recent years, and that could put some pressure on NH lawmakers to get something done. Expanding NH sports betting has been the top priority for legislators up to this point, but looking to add a new revenue source will come soon. 

New Hampshire Online Casinos
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NH Online Casino Rules

The current casino gambling rules in New Hampshire are interesting, but they also aren’t very restrictive. While there are no commercial land-based casinos in the state, charitable gaming establishments have been established, and, of course, you have the New Hampshire Lottery which you can play right now.

There is a wide range of table games and poker rooms available, and these games will likely be included in any NH online casino rules as well. Slot machines are not allowed in the state at this time, and that would be something that is included with online casino gambling. 

Coming up with NH online casino rules could potentially be a big challenge for lawmakers in the state, but looking at other states for guidance would make this process easier. Determining the potential tax rate and how many licenses will be available will also be a task for lawmakers if a bill is introduced. 

NH Casino Regulations

New Hampshire is not a state that has very strict casino regulations, but you won’t find any commercial gaming properties in the state. Several retailers throughout the country do offer casino-style games, but these are known as charitable gaming properties. 

Determining the NH online casino regulations would be one of the most important steps for lawmakers before this industry was able to launch. 

The New Hampshire Lottery Commission regulates the entire gambling industry in the state, and it would take on NH online casino gambling as well. Receiving online casino applications and approving licenses would fall under the duties of the lottery commission. 


The lack of any commercial land-based casinos will make launching NH online casino gambling that much more difficult. Other states have attempted to work around this issue in the past, but it would require a number of new rules and regulations to be implemented.

The hope for legalizing NH online casinos is that this is not a state that has restrictive gaming laws. New Hampshire has been quick to react when new opportunities are present, and the same could occur with this growing industry. 

There is a good chance that online casino gambling will come to New Hampshire at some point, but it could be years down the road.

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