Nevada Online Casinos 2023

Nevada, and most specifically Las Vegas, is known as the casino capital of the United States, but that only applies to an action that takes place in person. Despite a huge push throughout the United States in the online casino market, Nevada online casinos do not exist at this time.

Nevada Online Casinos
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Nevada online casino gambling could quickly be launched, and things are already in place to do so. A new law would likely need to be passed, although online poker has already been legalized in Nevada. 

At some point, there is going to be too much pressure on casino companies and lawmakers in the state, and online casino gambling will likely be offered. Gambling throughout the United States is now mostly done online or through a mobile device, but that is not yet the case in the biggest casino industry in the country. 

Nevada Online Casino Rules

Nevada has some of the most wide-open casino rules in the United States, and that has allowed the industry to thrive. Other states have tried to copy what Nevada has done in terms of casino gambling, but few have even come close to matching what is offered in Las Vegas.

There are over 400 commercial casinos in the state of Nevada, with a majority of these being located in Las Vegas. Most casino companies operate multiple properties, and that could ultimately limit the number of online casino options if this industry were to launch. 

The legal gambling age at the Nevada casinos is 21 years of age, and that would likely be the rule if Nevada online casinos were to take off. In-person registration would almost surely be required, as that has been the case for online sports betting as well.

Nevada online casinos would take away from the ultimate experience that customers receive when visiting a casino property. This is also a way for casino companies to bring in revenue, as they make money on hotel stays and restaurants as well. 

If Nevada is able to eventually legalize and launch online casinos, you would see a full complement of online casino games. With some of the top casino companies leading the way, the Nevada online casino industry would revolutionize the industry. 

NV Online Casino Regulations

Online sports betting first came to the state of Nevada in 2010, marking the first time that this form of online betting was offered in the United States. There was some hope that NV online casinos would follow right after that, but that just hasn’t been the case.

In February 2013, Assembly Bill 114 was passed, and that officially legalized online poker in the state of Nevada. This bill was intended to simply allow for online poker sites to launch. The language in the bill approves all “interactive gaming.” 

Based on the letter of the law, NV online casino sites could launch, but there hasn’t been a push over the last eight years. Lawmakers have not attempted to pass any new forms of legislation as there is not enough support from casino industry leaders. 

Even though online poker is allowed in Nevada, there is actually just one online poker option at this time as well. Nevada is leaving money on the table by not launching online casino sites, but that money is still flowing in at the commercial properties.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board regulates the casino industry in Nevada and would be tasked with overseeing NV online casino sites as well. 


Due to the potential threat of killing the commercial casino industry, Nevada online casino gambling sites have not yet been launched. It is believed that they are technically legal to do so, but they have not explored this form of online gambling yet.

Online poker is available throughout the state of Nevada, and online sports betting is offered as well. It feels like only a matter of time before the NV online casino gambling industry launches, but no company is willing to take the first step. 

If NV online casino gambling were to launch, this state could quickly become the biggest market in the country. Some of these casino companies do offer online casino gambling in other states, but they are content with the revenue brought in with the commercial casinos.

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