Montana Online Casinos 2024

The Montana online casino industry is non-existent at this time, and it’s likely going to stay that way for years to come. Montana is a state without any commercial casinos, and those are usually needed before online casino options are available as well.

Tribal casinos do offer a variety of casino games in Montana, and there are several locations throughout the state. Montana online casinos would hurt the business at these properties, and Native American tribes would push back against any new piece of legislation that is introduced.

Montana online casino gambling has not been a priority for lawmakers in the past, and it’s not likely going to be a priority moving forward either. If this state eventually legalizes this form of gambling, it could be many years down the road.

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MT Online Casino Rules

The legal gambling age in Montana is just 18 years of age, while it is 21 years of age in most other parts of the US. If MT online casino gambling became an option, the state would have to determine the required age to create an online account. 

The tribal casinos in the state of Montana also are not authorized to offer a full range of casino games like is seen in other states. Lawmakers would have to create a list of approved games to include as a part of any MT online casino law.

MT Casino Regulations

The State Lottery offers online Montana sports betting, and it would be put in charge of MT online casino gambling as well. This is a very limited form of online betting at this time, but the app could be improved to add betting options.

Without a bill being introduced in the Montana legislature, it’s hard to envision what this new industry could potentially look like. The tribal casinos would be included in any new bill, but it’s not clear to what extent. 


The Native American tribes in the state are not likely willing to let MT online casino gambling be offered anytime soon. These tribes want to control the casino industry as much as possible, and online casino gaming would take away some revenue from these properties.

The Montana Lottery does offer online sports betting, and that could potentially be a pathway into Montana online casino gambling. There are a number of steps that would need to happen before this became a reality, but it’s not impossible.

Montana online casino gambling would not be one of the biggest markets in the United States, but it would give residents and visitors of the state a new gambling option.

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