Missouri Online Casinos

Missouri online casino gambling was not a major topic of discussion in recent years, but that has changed in a hurry in 2021. While most lawmakers are focusing on legalizing sports betting, there have been some attempts to throw iGaming in the mix as well.

There does appear to be sufficient support around the Missouri online casino gambling bill, but nothing seems imminent at this time. The fact that a bill is even on the table is a great start, and it could lead to this form of gambling being legal in 2022 or beyond.

There is a decent casino industry already in place in Missouri, and that could help the online casino industry get off to a good start as well. There are still plenty of steps to get through, but Missouri is further along than many other states.

Missouri Online Casinos
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MO Online Casino Rules

Missouri online casino gambling would provide a huge boost to the casino industry as the current casinos are in select locations in the state. All of the casinos began as riverboats, and the properties must still be located on or near the Mississippi or Missouri Rivers.

There has been some expansion in the MO casino industry in recent years, but allowing online casino gambling would be a huge next step. Since the casino industry is already established, MO online casino rules would not be hard to draw up. 

MO Casino Regulations

Representative Dan Houx introduced HB 1364 in March, and that bill outlines the steps needed to legalize MO online casino gambling. This bill was introduced sort of out of the blue as most of the focus has been on other betting options. 

Under this proposal, all 13 of the land-based casinos would be eligible to apply for three online casino gaming skins. This would create a very competitive market in Missouri with plenty of options. 

Online poker would also be allowed under this proposal, and the tax rate would be set at 12 percent, which is one of the lowest rates in the US. Most of these regulations will likely change before any bill is voted on, but this is a solid first step. 


HB 1364 is the bill to keep an eye on in the Missouri legislature, even if it is not the final bill that legalizes MO online casino gambling. The fate of this bill will likely determine just how close the state is to allow this form of betting. 

If HB 1364 is not able to pass in 2021, the framework could still be used in other bills in the coming years. While nothing is a guarantee, it does appear that online casino gambling is coming to Missouri at some point in the not too distant future.

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