Mississippi Online Casinos 2024

Mississippi online casino gambling is non-existent at this point, although there is retail casino gambling in the state. Residents and visitors of Mississippi can visit a number of riverboats to play casino games in the Gulf of Mexico.

There have been some recent attempts to legalize one form of online betting in the state, but the major focus has been on MS sports betting. Legalizing online sports betting could set the stage for iGaming, but a bill has not even been introduced as of 2021.

This is not a state with a large casino industry, but allowing Mississippi online casino gambling could bring in some much-needed revenue for the state. 

Mississippi Online Casinos
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Mississippi Online Casino Rules

The biggest rule standing in the way of MS online casino gambling is the fact that all casinos must be located on riverboats. Lawmakers have taken a strong stance against land-based casinos in the past, and allowing residents to bet from anywhere in the state likely won’t happen. 

Since there is at least some form of casino gambling in Mississippi, lawmakers would not have to create many new rules to get MS online casino gambling up and running. Casinos could simply offer the same games online.

Poker is available on the riverboat casinos in Mississippi, and online poker would likely be included in any MS online casino law as well.

Mississippi Casino Regulations

The first step to legalizing MS online casino gambling is to introduce a bill in the state legislature, but that has not happened. Mississippi lawmakers have recently introduced a number of bills to legalize online sports betting, but those efforts have failed. 

It’s unclear if or when lawmakers will choose to focus on legalizing online casino gambling, but nothing will change without the support of a large number of legislators. 

The Mississippi Gaming Commission is the regulatory body for the casino industry and would likely be in charge of MS online casino gambling as well. 


Don’t expect Mississippi online casino gambling anytime soon as it does not appear that this state is ready to expand betting options once again. It was a hard enough fight to get sports betting legal in the state, and lawmakers have not even begun discussing online casino gambling.

Even though Mississippi is a state that does have a casino industry, all of the casino gambling takes place on riverboats. This is a pretty restrictive law when it comes to the casino industry, and allowing for MS online casino gambling would go against what the state stands for.

Mississippi is a state that will likely legalize this industry at some point, but the time is not now.

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