Minnesota Online Casinos 2024

Minnesota online casinos are not likely to be offered any time soon, and tribes in the state hope that it stays that way forever. All of the in-person casino gambling in Minnesota is done on tribal property, and there has not been an attempt to legalize commercial casinos.

There have been recent attempts to expand the gaming options in the state of Minnesota, but casino gambling has not been brought up. Lawmakers are hoping to get Minnesota sports betting approved as well, but that will likely face a similar result as MN online casinos. 

Minnesota Online Casinos
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Minnesota Online Casino Rules

Without any commercial casinos in Minnesota, the state is not set to truly benefit from MN online casino gambling. All of the casino gambling revenue goes to the Native American tribes, and those casinos are comfortable keeping all of the betting in person.

If lawmakers were able to propose an MN online casino gambling bill, one of the biggest steps would be to create rules to govern the industry. 

The Mystic Lake Casino is the largest tribal casino in the state of Minnesota, but there are other terrific options. There are 21 tribal casinos in the state, and the U.S. Department of the Interior regulates and oversees these properties. 

Minnesota Casino Regulations

Native American tribes in the state of Minnesota are governed by the federal government when it comes to casino gambling. This takes Minnesota lawmakers completely out of the discussion and will make introducing an MN online casino bill extremely difficult.

There have been other states that have been able to legalize online casino gambling by including the tribes, but those discussions have not yet taken place in Minnesota. Even if an MN online casino bill was brought to the table, it could take years before the two sides come to an agreement. 


Online gambling is starting to become increasingly popular throughout the United States, but this fad likely won’t affect the state of Minnesota for a long time. Minnesota is a state that has been slow to make changes to state laws, and this could be another example of that.

Sports betting is currently the focus of lawmakers in the state, and it doesn’t appear that there is much support for this form of gaming. This likely means there is very little hope of any Minnesota online casino bill coming soon.

A bill will ultimately be brought forward at some point, but don’t expect Minnesota to be a state that quickly legalizes this industry.

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