Massachusetts Online Casinos 2024

You won’t find any Massachusetts online casinos in 2021, and that could be the case for the next few years as well. Expanded gaming is expected to come to Massachusetts at some point soon, but there has been very little talk of online casino gaming being included.

Massachusetts Online Casinos
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Massachusetts, like other states, is currently focused on legalizing sports betting in 2021. That has not been a smooth process, and that could lead to some problems when trying to legalize Massachusetts online casino gaming as well.

Massachusetts does have commercial casinos up and running, and that could help this industry launch when a new law is eventually passed. 

MA Online Casino Rules

Massachusetts law allows commercial casinos, and there are currently three of those in the state. Encore Boston Harbor and MGM Springfield are two very popular options in the state and could help lead the charge with MA online casino gambling.

Lawmakers in Massachusetts could simply allow for online casinos to follow the same basic rules that are in place for land-based properties. This would help the industry launch quickly, but there would be some other rules that need to be established. 

Casinos in Massachusetts are comfortable with the revenue that they currently receive in-person, and there has not been a push to allow for this form of gambling. 

MA Casino Regulations

There are currently 23 different sports betting bills in the Massachusetts legislature, and that is causing a lot of problems. Different lawmakers have different views on iGaming, and this same thing could occur with MA online casinos as well.

MA online casino gaming could eventually be tied to a sports betting bill, but that has not been the case up to this point. Now that those bills are stuck in the legislature, there is more time to add to this growing industry.

The fact that lawmakers can’t agree on a piece of sports betting legislation does not signal good things for MA online casinos. 


With all of the difficulty lawmakers are having in legalizing sports betting; it doesn’t seem likely that Massachusetts online casino gaming is coming anytime soon. It appeared as if Massachusetts was going to see some expanded gaming in 2021, but that is no longer a certainty.

Lawmakers were expected to explore MA online casino gambling after getting sports betting launched, but that could be months down the road. This is a state with a strong and thriving casino industry, and adding online options to the mix could be very successful.

It does seem like online casino gaming is coming to Massachusetts at some point, but it will likely be a few years out.

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