Maryland Casinos 2024

Maryland online casino gambling has not yet been a focus with lawmakers, but that will likely change in the coming years. This state has been exploring various forms of expanded gambling, but Maryland sports betting has been the focus in 2021 thus far.

There are a number of casinos already in operation in Maryland and this could allow the state to launch online casino gambling rather quickly. Legalizing Maryland online casino gambling will not be an easy task, and there are plenty of steps that would need to happen, but this is something that will likely happen within the next couple of years. 

Maryland Online Casinos
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MD Online Casino Rules

Since Maryland already has casino rules in place, setting up MD online casino rules would not be that difficult. The biggest decision that would need to be made is if the state is willing to allow online poker as well.

All of these details would have to be brought up in a piece of legislation that gains enough support from other lawmakers. The different MD online casino games allowed with the new industry would also need to be outlined in any potential bill. 

The MGM National Harbor and Live! Casino and Hotel Maryland are the two most popular commercial casinos in the state of Maryland. If MD online casino gambling is ever offered, look for these two properties to lead the charge. 

MD Casino Regulations

The State Lottery and Gaming Control Commission currently regulates the commercial casino industry, and it will have a key role if MD online casino gambling takes effect. This organization would be tasked with handing out online casino licenses and ensuring that everything is running smoothly. 

Lawmakers will have to take the first step by introducing a bill to legalize this industry, and it would have to be signed into law by the governor. Maryland is not starting from scratch, but it still won’t be easy introducing a new form of gambling. 


Maryland is a state with a pretty solid casino industry, and it could potentially become a major player in the iGaming industry. Sports betting has been the main point of focus with lawmakers in the state, but MD online casino gambling is the logical next step. 

There has yet to be a bill introduced in the Maryland legislature that would legalize this form of gambling in the state, but that could change at any time. With the growth of online casino gambling taking place throughout the country, Maryland lawmakers are eventually going to feel that pressure as well. 

Maryland online casino gambling is not going to be in effect at any point in 2021, but this form of gambling should come to the state sooner rather than later.

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