Louisiana Online Casinos 2023

Louisiana online casino gambling is not legal at this time, and there hasn’t been a recent push to change the laws. Online casino gambling has been a focus in a number of states throughout the country, but no iGaming bill has been brought to the table in Louisiana. 

There is a large casino industry in Louisiana, and these casino properties have expressed interest in offering regulated betting options. Louisiana online casino gambling could be launched relatively easily, but only if a piece of legislation is passed. 

Louisiana Online Casinos
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LA Online Casino Rules

Most of the gambling laws in Louisiana are broken down by each parish, which is much different than how it works in other states. Some parishes allow several different forms of gambling, while it is completely restricted in other places. 

The legal gambling age in Louisiana is 21 years of age, and that would seemingly apply to any future LA online casino gambling as well. With so many current casinos in the state, the online casino licenses would likely be granted to them first. 

LA Casino Regulations

Louisiana is one of just two states in the US that has a law in place to punish anyone inside the state that plays online casino games. Most states have laws in place for operating an online casino site, but it’s clear that LA online casino regulations are taken seriously. 

A slew of online sports betting bills have been proposed in the state legislature to begin 2021, but a LA online casino bill has never been introduced. This will require some additional steps as well before online casino gambling becomes a possibility in the state.

Each parish will have to approve legalizing this form of gambling, and it’s not likely to be a statewide approval. The first step will be to get a bill introduced with support from other lawmakers, and that’s not likely anytime soon.


Louisiana has some very strict laws in place when it comes to online gambling, and that will likely keep the state from pursuing a change in laws. Louisiana online casino gambling does have the potential to become a large market, but the state just isn’t interested at this time.

If online sports betting is able to get off the ground with some success in Louisiana, then the next logical step would be to explore other forms of iGaming. Don’t expect any changes to come until at least 2023 in Louisiana.

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