Iowa Online Casinos 2024

Now that online sports betting is established in more than 20 states throughout the US, these states are starting to turn to online casino gambling. Iowa online casinos are not legal at this time, and there hasn’t been a real push to change the current laws.

There are two dozen casino properties in the state of Iowa, and this industry has done well since casino gambling became legal. Iowa online casino gambling could also become extremely successful, but a lawmaker will first have to introduce a bill.

There is a successful and growing Iowa sports betting industry and allowing online casino gambling would be the next logical step. There haven’t been any recent bills introduced, but that could change at anytime. 

Iowa Online Casinos
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Iowa Casinos Rules

With Iowa casinos growing to more than 20 across the state, this industry has done extremely well and is very popular with both residents and visitors. The legal casino gambling age in Iowa is 21, and that would apply to online casino gambling as well. 

Believe it or not, some states still have laws that prohibit poker from being played, but Iowa is not one of those states. It is expected that any Iowa casino gambling bill would also include the legalization of online poker. 

A complete list of Iowa casino games would have to be included in any piece of legislation, and the games would have to be regulated. Online slots and table games have become the most popular online casino games throughout the US. 

There are a number of other rules that will have to be approved before any IA online casinos are allowed to operate. The tax rate is one of the biggest rules that will need to be established as well as when these sites are allowed to operate. 

Iowa Casinos Regulations

While many states without online casino gambling have at least made recent attempts to change the laws, that hasn’t been the case in Iowa. House Study Bill 200 is drawing some attention in Iowa, and there was some hope that IA online casino gambling would be tied in.

That has not been the case at this time, but there is a chance that the bill could be amended or expanded before it takes the next step. Lawmakers are currently spending much of their time and effort on sports betting while not giving much thought to online casino games. 

Retail casinos in the state have not really expressed support or opposition for online casino gambling, but their opinion could ultimately swing a decision from lawmakers. Until a bill is sponsored and presented in Iowa, there is simply no hope for any online casino games. 

The Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission oversees and regulates the casino and sports betting industries and would be in charge of IA online casino gambling as well. 


As other states in the Midwest start to either explore or actually legalize online casino gambling, there will be pressure on the state of Iowa to do the same. Lawmakers in the state have not yet felt that pressure, and there aren’t any bills on the table to legalize this form of betting.

There is a strong casino industry in the state of Iowa, and this could allow online casino gambling to get off the ground in a hurry, Iowa lawmakers will also have other examples throughout the US, and the rules could be based on sports betting as well.

It does not appear that Iowa casino gambling is coming at any point in 2021, but don’t be surprised to see a bill pop up in the Hawkeye State before long. 

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