Idaho Online Casinos 2024

Idaho online casino gaming is not legal at this time, and the current gaming laws aren’t expected to change anytime soon. This is a state that does have a strong casino industry even though it is not generating as much revenue as some of the top markets in the US.

Native American tribes and racetracks currently offer all of the casino gambling options in the state, and there are more than a dozen locations available. These tribes are content with keeping all of the gambling revenue, and that is one of the biggest reasons that ID online casino sites have not yet launched. 

Idaho Online Casinos
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ID Online Casino Rules

Before ID online casino sites are able to launch, a number of new rules would have to be either changed or passed by lawmakers. All forms of online gambling are currently illegal in Idaho, and that prevents the state from launching this industry. 

Poker is available at the tribal casinos in the state, so lawmakers have not banned one of the most popular casino games. There would also need to be a law passed to legalize online poker, but that could ultimately be included in an ID online casino bill. 

ID Casino Regulations

Even though online casino gaming is only available in a handful of states in the US, a large number of states have at least explored this growing industry. Idaho is a state that has not looked into this industry, and there hasn’t really been a push by residents to do so.

An ID online casino bill will be brought to the table at some point, and that first piece of legislation will likely outline how this industry could work. It would just be a guess to estimate when this might occur, but it’s going to happen at some point. 


Idaho is home to some terrific tribal casinos, but that’s about as far as the gambling industry goes in the state. Some of these properties have turned into huge tourist destinations, but most people don’t spend long as a visitor in the state of Idaho.

Idaho online casino gambling could bring a new revenue stream into the state, as the casino industry has proven to be a moneymaker. This topic has not even been brought up at this time, and it likely won’t be for a number of years.

Native American tribes will continue to control the Idaho casino industry, and ID online casinos are not going to become a legal option anytime soon.

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