Georgia Casinos 2023

Online casino gambling has been a growing trend throughout the United States, but don’t expect to see Georgia online casinos launching anytime soon. Georgia is a state that doesn’t currently have any commercial casinos in operation, and there are strict gambling laws in place.

If Georgia online casino gambling is going to become a reality then it is going to take some serious work from lawmakers. There has yet to even be a bill introduced to legalize this industry or Georgia sports betting, and there hasn’t been a major push from residents for iGaming. 

Georgia Online Casinos
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GA Online Casino Rules

Georgia is one of the few states without a commercial or land-based casino, and that will make launching GA online casinos even harder. Lawmakers will have to not only seek to pass a bill to allow this form of gambling, but they will also be tasked with creating GA online casino rules.

It is likely that Georgia will look to other states for some examples when trying to craft these rules. Online poker will be another topic that will need to be discussed as this will be a completely new game to residents of the state. 

GA Casino Regulations

2021 was a big year for a number of different forms of gambling, but more legal online casinos didn’t really take off. Even though lawmakers were looking to add new gambling options in the state, there weren’t any bills that passed due to lack of support and time constraints.

While sports betting was the main topic in Georgia, there was also a bill looking to allow for horse racing and commercial casinos to be built. That bill never made it out of committee in the House, and will likely be re-filed in 2022.

If GA online casino gambling is eventually passed by lawmakers, it would also require a majority vote from state residents to create a new amendment. 


A number of states will likely legalize iGaming in 2021, but Georgia online casino gaming is not happening anytime soon. There were some attempts to legalize online sports betting and commercial casino gambling, but those efforts fell short in 2021.

Georgia online casinos could eventually launch, but it’s going to require voter approval and a new constitutional amendment. Before voters even get their say, lawmakers will have to get a bill passed, and one hasn’t even been introduced at this time.

There is a good chance that Georgia will be one of the last states to legalize this growing industry.

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