Georgia Casinos 2021

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Gambling is popular wherever you go. Be it casino games, sports betting or wagering on a trifecta at the racetrack, gambling is an American tradition.

Tribal casinos have also proliferated throughout several other states. It seems that there are casinos in every state, but that isn’t the case. Georgia is a prime example of a region devoid of casinos.

In fact, legal gambling options are limited to lotteries and approved charity functions like bingo and raffles. There are no legal casinos, sportsbooks, or horse betting venues.

As one would expect, online gambling is also prohibited. New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and other states that have expanded their gambling operations since the PASPA decision in 2018. Meanwhile, Georgia stands by its conservative anti-gambling approach. For now, at least.

Maybe millions of dollars in potential tax revenues along with thousands of new jobs will help change the state’s thinking? Who knows? In 2012, a proposal to build a casino was narrowly defeated. The word “narrowly” is key. That means there is definitely a lot of support. A lot has changed since then, and casino gambling is a lot more enticing than opponents would have you believe.

Still, the road to legal Georgia casinos is a long and bumpy one. Aside from passing a bill, the state’s constitution and various related laws need changing. We all know that the wheels of government spin slowly and actually opening Georgia casinos would take years.

Until that happens, Georgians have to settle with offshore online casinos. There is no shortage of them, but playing at them can be risky. The Georgia online casino community isn’t afforded the same protection they’d have at regulated Georgia casinos.

Georgia Online Casino Rules

Since Georgia casinos don’t currently exist, there are no online casino rules to abide by. Well, except that online casino gambling is illegal and unregulated. Anyone who plays at offshore online casinos must adhere to the rules and regulations of that particular casino.

Theoretically speaking, if regulated and licensed Georgia online casinos opened up, rules would be similar to those in other states. Gambling laws in places like New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and even Nevada require players to be physically within state lines. Geolocation software ensures this condition is met.

Players would also likely need to provide proof of age and identity. Anyone under the legal age would be barred from partaking in online gambling activity. The question of whether the state would tax winnings is a no-brainer. The online operators would also shoulder a heavy financial burden. Again, this is just pure speculation. We won’t know the rules until Georgia casinos are legalized. That’s not going to happen soon.

Retail Casinos in Georgia

There are no retail casinos operating in the state of Georgia. However, that doesn’t mean Georgians need to travel to faraway states to get their share of casino action. You can head to Brunswick and climb aboard the Emerald Princess Casino.

For a fee of $10, you can enjoy a Vegas-style casino experience on the high seas as long as you are 21 and respectably dressed. The floating casino leaves port every day and makes its way to international waters where players may bet until their hearts are content.