Florida Online Casinos 2024

Florida online casino gambling is not currently legal at this time and likely won’t be legal for a few years at least. While other states throughout the US have made online casino gambling a priority, there hasn’t even been a bill introduced yet in the Sunshine State.

Lawmakers are attempting to regulate Florida sports betting in 2021, and that could eventually lead to online casino gambling. It has been quite the battle to get the new industry launched, and that same battle will occur with online casino gambling as well. 

The Seminole Tribe is extremely powerful when it comes to gambling in Florida, and that tribe doesn’t like to see change. Lawmakers are not even willing to challenge that tribe, and that is why you won’t likely see an online casino gambling bill introduced. 

Florida Online Casinos
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FL Online Casino Rules

Florida does have online sweepstakes casinos in place or social casinos like AEW Casino, but there is no real money exchanged on the site. Customers are able to win tokens that can be exchanged for money, but this is much different than online casino sites in other states in the US. 

Florida online casino rules will likely be very similar to commercial and tribal casino rules, which means there will be a number of games available. The Seminole Tribe has built up a large casino empire in Florida, and these are some massive establishments. 

If online casino gambling does ever come to Florida, then there will be some rules that have to be figured out by lawmakers. One of the biggest decisions will have to be whether or not online poker will be legalized and offered as well. 

Top Florida Casinos

When it comes to the top casinos in the state of Florida, you will see the Seminole name attached to all of them. The Seminole Tribe has built up a massive casino industry in the Sunshine State, and the Hard Rock casino properties are easily the most popular.

The Hard Rock Casino & Hotel in both Hollywood and Tampa, Florida, are two of the biggest in the entire state. These properties are not only tourist attractions for residents of the state, but they are also major tourist attractions for anyone in the United States.

All of the Seminole casinos have been established for many years, and the tribe is also looking to expand and continue to add new locations. The Seminole Tribe is more focused on adding new in-person casinos at this time than looking to explore online casino gambling options. 

FL Casino Regulations

FL online casino regulations will first have to come in the form of a bill, but that has not happened at this time in the Sunshine State. Lawmakers are just unwilling to try and anger the Seminole Tribe, and there is no real pressure to make any changes to gambling laws.

There have been some recent attempts to legalize sports betting and online sports betting, but those bills have been faced with plenty of opposition as well. The Seminole Tribe will have to openly support any changes to the gambling laws in the state if something is to happen. 

At this time, there is no gaming commission in the state of Florida, and that would likely also need to change if FL online casino gambling was to be legalized. The Seminole Tribe does have its own gaming commission, but it only regulates tribal properties. 


Florida online casino gambling is not likely to come anytime soon, or ever for that matter. The current casino industry in Florida is thriving, and those companies are just not willing to give up any revenue.

The Seminole Tribe controls the casino industry in the state of Florida, and that tribe has been opposed to any form of online gambling. It does appear that the Seminoles are at least willing to listen when it comes to sports betting, but that likely won’t happen with online casino gambling.

Florida does have the potential to be a large online casino gambling market, but other states will continue to have complete control until the Sunshine State makes a move. The first step is to introduce an FL online casino gambling bill, and it feels like we are a few years away from that happening.

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