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The state of Colorado has a strong casino gambling industry, but all of that action must be done in-person. Casino gambling in Colorado is limited to the towns of Black Hawk, Central City, and Cripple Creek, and these towns are all in the Rocky Mountains.

This does limit the amount of casino gambling that is done in the state, even though there are close to 40 in-person casinos in those three towns. Some bettors simply can’t travel to these locations and allowing online casino gambling could change that for the better.

Colorado lawmakers have been very aggressive in passing new laws over the last few years, even getting out ahead of the country in some areas. That has not happened yet with online casino gambling, and there currently are not any bills in the works.

Colorado sports betting has been extremely successful though, and that could convince lawmakers to give online casino gambling a shot. At some point, the pressure will eventually get to members of the state legislature. 

Colorado Online Casinos
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Colorado Online Casino Rules

Until lawmakers in the state begin introducing new legislation, it’s unclear what the Colorado online casino rules would look like. Most rules would likely be similar to what is in place for online sports betting, and that could mean there would be some pretty favorable laws for operators and casino gamblers.

Remote registration is allowed for online sports betting, and that would help online casinos get off the ground in a hurry. The casinos in the state would be able to apply for an online license, and that would provide a large number of options. 

Recently Colorado voters approved changes to the gambling limits at Colorado casinos, and that would affect online casinos as well. Different games allow for different betting limits, and online casinos would likely need to follow the same rules. 

Colorado currently allows online sweepstakes casinos, and that has become a popular option for some gamblers. There is no real money that is awarded on these casinos, but points can ultimately be redeemed for cash prizes.

The legal age to gamble at the casinos in Colorado is 21 years of age, and that rule wouldn’t change for online casinos. CO online casinos would be available to both residents and visitors of the state. 

Colorado Online Casino Regulations

Bill 1327 paved the way for gambling expansion in the state of Colorado, but that piece of legislation did not include any language regarding online casino gambling. Other states have attempted to tie these two industries together, but Colorado lawmakers did not attempt that. 

The casino industry is important to the towns of Black Hawk, Central City, and Cripple Creek, and online casino gambling could impact revenue for those locations. Lawmakers could also limit online casino gambling to those properties, but that hasn’t been brought up at this time either. 

Online casino gambling in Colorado would require a referendum on the ballot that would have to be approved by voters in the state. The sports betting referendum narrowly passed, and it doesn’t seem like there is as much support for this industry. 

This could be the biggest reason that lawmakers have not introduced a new bill is they are not convinced that it would be approved by voters. 

The Colorado Limited Gaming Control Commission and the Colorado Division of Gaming both play a role in regulating gambling in the state. These two groups would be in charge of creating regulations to help get online casino gambling up and running. 

Colorado Online Casino Sites

Keeping up with a complete list of Colorado online casino sites is not an easy task, as new sites speculate a launch in the state. There are now close to a dozen different Colorado online casino sites likley and likely many to come as additional legislation is explored. 

We will be keeping tabs on this expansion and updating this page as relevant information becomes available.


Colorado could quickly become one of the biggest online casino gambling industries in the US, following an impressive start in sports betting. With close to 40 retail casinos in the state, Colorado could have a massive online industry.

Lawmakers in Colorado spent plenty of time focusing on getting sports betting up and running, and online casino gambling just hasn’t been a focus yet. That is expected to change in the coming years, but it’s unclear when that might happen.

Online casino gambling is just starting to take off in the United States, but Colorado could take the industry to new heights. Other states will be keeping a close eye on the Centennial State, as it could become a major leader in this new industry. 

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