California Online Casinos 2024

California online casino gambling could become one of the biggest markets in the United States if this form of gambling is ever legalized. Population alone would make California a vast market, but this state also already has a large number of casino-type options. 

There are currently 65 tribal casinos in operation in the state of California, and there are also 86 card rooms. These card rooms are licensed through the state, while tribal casinos can offer casino games based on their gaming compacts. 

The card room owners and the Native American tribes have a pretty healthy competition in California, and each would be looking to become the California online casino leader. Neither group will be able to take charge until a lawmaker is able to introduce a bill with plenty of support. 

California Online Casinos
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CA Online Casino Rules

Without any bills being introduced in the state of California, it’s nearly impossible to predict what sort of CA online casino rules will be in place. The legal gambling age is set at 21 years of age, and it’s safe to assume that will be the legal age for online gambling as well.

Most states that currently offer online casino gambling have strict rules in place as to what casino games can be offered. This could be even trickier in California as tribal casinos, and card rooms are authorized to offer different types of games. 

CA Casino Regulations

There are some interesting CA casino regulations currently in place for both tribal casinos and card rooms. Tribal casinos are permitted to offer blackjack at their locations but are prohibited from offering many other table games.

The card rooms in the state cannot offer any slot machines, but they can offer many varieties of poker games. The card rooms in California closely resemble online poker sites found in some parts of the United States. 

If a CA online casino bill were to be passed through the state legislature, these regulations would have to be clearly defined as to which sites can offer what games. A law could be put in place to allow both tribal casinos and card rooms to offer the same online casino games. 

The California Gambling Control Commission currently regulates the casino industry in the state, and it could add CA online casino gambling to its list. 


Online casino gambling has been a big topic in several states throughout the US, but it hasn’t even come up in the state of California. Most politicians in the state are not pressured to introduce CA online casino gambling bills, and that is fine with the Native American tribes. 

The battle to legalize sports betting in California is still ongoing, and it has not been a very smooth process. Sports betting is expected to come to California at some point, and that could then shift some focus and attention to CA online casino gambling. 

There has yet to be an online casino gambling bill introduced in the state, and it’s not happening in 2021. Don’t expect to see any online casino gambling options in the state of California anytime soon.

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