Arkansas Online Casinos 2023

There aren’t any Arkansas online casinos in 2022, but it likely won’t remain that way in the coming years. This is a state that has already gotten on board with the sports betting industry – there has been a recent push to legalize Arkansas online sports betting.

Arkansas Online Casinos

However, the casino industry in Arkansas is not very big, but a new casino project is currently underway. At some point, these casinos are going to push lawmakers to allow them to offer their casino games online.

This industry has seen massive growth in the last 12 months, and that pressure will likely help Arkansas online casinos to become a reality in the next few years. 

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AR Online Casino Rules

There are just three casino properties in the state of Arkansas at this time, but a fourth is currently projected to open at some point in 2022. AR online casino rules would likely follow the same guidelines that are in place for these land-based properties.

Arkansas casinos are able to offer a wide range of slots, table games, and poker. AR online casino rules should allow those same games to be played through online casino sites or mobile apps. 

AR Casino Regulations

HB 1942 is currently being discussed in the state legislature, and this bill could have a potential impact on AR online casino sites. This bill would allow casinos to offer online sports betting and could create a path for AR online casinos as well.

Arkansas has not produced huge sports betting numbers, but allowing that industry to be offered online should provide some growth. As the state continues to seek out new sources of revenue, lawmakers could turn to AR online casino gambling to accomplish this.

The Arkansas Racing Commission oversees casinos and sportsbooks in the state and will be regulating online options as well. 


Arkansas online casino gambling is likely coming at some point in the near future, but an official date is unknown at this time. Getting online sports betting up and running would be an important step to legalizing another new industry.

There has been some recent casino expansion in the state of Arkansas, and that signals that the state is looking to be progressive. Things have not always moved as quickly as lawmakers would have liked in Arkansas, but they have been able to get new forms of gambling passed. 

Look for an Arkansas online casino gambling bill to be introduced in a few years after sports betting is established and putting up some solid numbers.

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