Arizona Online Casinos 2024

Arizona online casinos are not available, but that doesn’t mean that it will remain this way forever. In fact, lawmakers in the state were able to successfully pass a gambling expansion package but that was focused on AZ sports betting.

Governor Doug Ducey is in favor of legalizing new forms of gambling in the state, and Arizona online casino gambling could eventually become the next target. There are not any commercial casinos that operate in the state, and that could make legalizing iGaming a bit challenging.

Online casino gambling has become a popular and growing market in the US, but there has not yet been enough pressure put on lawmakers to consider making this form of betting legal.

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AZ Online Casino Rules

Current Arizona casino rules prohibit any company from offering commercial-based casino gambling in the state. This industry is left entirely up to the Native American tribes, and these tribes have benefited from the lack of competition.

It is possible to legalize and launch AZ online casinos through these Native American tribes, but there has not been a need at this time. These tribes continue to make money on-site, and most view adding online casino gambling as a hassle. 

AZ Casino Regulations

The fact that state lawmakers were able to get sports betting approved in Arizona gives plenty of hope for AZ online casino gambling happening at some point in the future. The Native American tribes in the state were in favor of sports betting, but the topic of online casino gambling has not yet come up.

In order to legalize this industry in Arizona, there would be a couple of steps needed. A bill would need to pass through both chambers of the legislature, and Governor Ducey would also need to negotiate another amended gaming compact with the state. 


2021 is going to be a big year for the gambling industry in this state, but Arizona online casino gambling is not yet included. It does appear that this state is on the path to eventually offer this option, but it’s unclear how long it may take.

The success of the new sports betting industry will likely have a significant effect on how quickly lawmakers can seek to offer online casino gaming. Native American tribes in the state will also have a large say, and they might not be willing to give up on the in-person revenue.

Arizona online casino gambling could eventually become a large and thriving market, but this is not something that is going to happen in the next 12 months.

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