Alaska Casinos

Alaska is not the first state you think of when thinking about the casino industry, and you would be correct in your thoughts. Alaska online casino gambling is not legal as of 2021, and there is a very good chance that it won’t be for years to come. 

Governor Mike Dunleavy has made remarks in support of expanded gambling in the state of Alaska, but Alaska online casino has not yet been mentioned. Dunleavy has alluded to the potential of allowing commercial casinos in the state, and this could eventually set the stage for iGaming.

Alaska has not been affected by the growing push for iGaming in the United States as this state operates much differently than most. The state of Alaska does have the power to pass a law to allow for legal online casinos, but that has not yet been brought up by lawmakers in the state. 

Alaska Online Casinos
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AK Online Casino Rules

Since there are not any commercial casinos currently in the state of Alaska, lawmakers would be tasked with coming up with a number of rules to guide AK online casino sites. This process would not be easy, but Alaska could look to other states for guidance.

One of the biggest questions facing the state is whether or not online poker would be offered as well. On top of that, lawmakers would have to determine what types of online casino games can be offered at the casinos. 

AK Casino Regulations

Native American tribes in Alaska are eligible to offer casino gambling, but there is not a regulatory body that governs these properties. The state would have to establish some sort of group or commission if AK online casinos were ever offered.

Until a bill is officially sponsored and introduced in the Alaska legislature, nothing will be done on the online casino front. It would likely be at least a few years between the introduction of a sports betting bill and the legalization of AK online casinos. 


It does appear that there is a chance that commercial casinos are coming to the state of Alaska at some point, but that could still be years down the road. Governor Dunleavy did not go into many details when discussing this possibility, and there was no mention of AK online casinos either.

Alaska is not a state that has a huge casino industry, and the state does not rely on the casino industry for revenue. The growth of the US online casino industry could eventually put pressure on the state, but it’s not likely to happen anytime soon.

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