Alabama Online Casinos 2024

Alabama online casino gaming is not legal in 2021, and it could remain that way for the better part of this decade. Alabama is a state that has some very restrictive laws when it comes to gambling, but there has been a recent push to challenge those laws, nor when it comes to Alabama online sportsbooks either.

Alabama Online Casinos
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Sports betting has been the major topic of discussion in the state legislature, but other forms of gaming have since been added in as well. Lawmakers are looking to establish a state lottery system as well as approve new casinos.

At this point, Alabama online casinos have not been included in the legislation, but an expanded gaming package could eventually open the doors for other forms of iGaming. Ultimately, voters in Alabama are expected to have the final say when it comes to any new forms of gambling. 

AL Online Casino Rules

Currently, the Poarch Band of Creek Indians controls the casino industry in the state of Alabama. Even as lawmakers are trying to approve new casinos, it would be this tribe that is behind the new projects.

AL online casino rules would have to be crafted from scratch as the state does not currently have any commercial casino rules. This could take several years to create and would likely come with plenty of debate.

Since Alabama has some very restrictive gaming laws in place at this time, it is hard to see AL online casino rules that are competitive with some other states in the US. 

AL Casino Regulations

SB 319 is the current piece of legislation that is drawing plenty of support and criticism in the Alabama legislature. This bill started off as an attempt to establish a state lottery, but sports betting and expanded casino gambling have now been attached.

The Senate has already approved SB 319, but it might not pass through the House of Representatives. If it does make it through the lower chamber, then it would be placed on the ballot in November 2022 and left up to the voters. 

AL online casino regulations were not included in this bill, but this could give lawmakers some momentum to explore this form of gaming. 


It doesn’t seem likely that Alabama online casinos are going to be available anytime soon, but this expanded gaming package came out of nowhere as well. If this bill is able to make it through the state legislature, then it could give hope to AL online casinos as well. 

Even if this bill is able to pass, the residents of the state will have the final say on the expanded gaming package. There is a chance that AL online casino sites could eventually launch at some point, but this could be years down the road.

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