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Sportsbook Apps California

So, now that legal online sports betting has taken the US by storm, many are looking into Sportsbook Apps California. With so many operators hoping to be the best sportsbook app in California, you will want to have as much information as possible. So, here is a look at what the sportsbook app marketplace in California could look like.

Are Sportsbooks Apps Legal in California?

So, the first question you may have is about legal sports gambling California. In order to use Sportsbooks Apps California, you will need to know about California Sportsbooks apps laws. Here, we will look at the legalities of sports gambling in California.

At this time, sports betting is not legal in California. This means that there is no sports betting allowed whatsoever. There are no physical locations where you can do sports gambling California. And, online sports betting, including sportsbooks apps California are illegal.

However, these California sportsbooks apps laws may change. Many states, like New Jersey, have seen a growth in their economy after legalizing online sportsbooks. So, there is hope for sports gambling in California, yet.

Current Sport Gambling Laws in California

As mentioned above, sports gambling California is currently illegal. You cannot participate in sports gambling California online or at any physical location. And, California Sportsbook app laws have not yet been introduced to legalize the use of California sportsbooks apps.

But, that does not mean there is no legal gambling in California. California currently has legal horse race betting. So, if you are looking to bet on a sporting event, horse race betting may be a great outlet. Also, California allows the use of some licensed horse race betting apps.

However, there are a couple of licensed Daily Fantasy Sports websites that operate in California. For instance, the Daily Fantasy Sports operator DraftKings allows customers from California. Californians can use and win cash prizes on DraftKings.

But, they cannot use the sportsbook app to place real money bets. However, Californians can use real money on the website. So, unfortunately, there are no Sportsbook Apps California that use real money just yet. But, Californians can use real money when participating in Daily Fantasy Sports online.

The Path to Legalization for Sportsbooks Apps California

So, the California sportsbooks apps laws are not yet in place to legalize Sportsbooks apps California. But, that may not always be the case. Because states like New Jersey have seen such great tax revenue since legalizing online sportsbooks, California may be eyeing the same.

In order to legalize online sportsbooks apps California, they would need legislation to regulate sports betting itself in the state. So, we could then expect sports gambling California at retail on-site casinos. Usually, casinos will partner with already existing sportsbook operators.

Once sports betting is regulated at physical locations, we can assume these sportsbooks will want to launch online sportsbooks. So, legislation would need to be passed to legalize online sports betting in the state. And then, online sportsbook operators would need to get licenses from the state in order to run their online sportsbooks.

Finally, after sports gambling California becomes legal, then the online sportsbooks would want to launch apps. So, as long as they were not legally prohibited, we could expect these online sportsbooks to launch apps. That is how we could end up seeing Sportsbooks Apps California.

What to expect once sportsbooks apps are legalized in California

Once Sportsbooks Apps California are legalized, we can expect many existing operators to apply for licenses. These existing sportsbook operators would want to have a license to operate an online sportsbook in the state. Once approved, they could launch their online sportsbooks.

Once the sportsbooks are launched, we can expect the operators to want to launch Sportsbooks Apps California. The many apps would compete to be the best sportsbooks app in California. We can expect to see many of the existing operators from New Jersey to move into the California market.

Also, we can expect to see many partnerships between sportsbook operators and existing casinos in the state. And, that will make it even easier for the sportsbooks to launch an online sportsbook when the time comes. Typically, these sportsbook operators already have online sportsbooks in other states.

So, the template for an online sportsbook would already be ready for them. And, typically, these online sportsbooks have apps. That means that a sportsbooks apps California launch of the apps would be quite easy to arrange.

Sports Betting Market in California

Now, once sports betting is legal in California, sportsbooks will begin to pop up. And, customers will be very eager to legally dive into sport gambling California for the first time. So, you will want to know the sports that you will be able to bet on at that time.

Here is a look at the probable sports that will be able for customers to wager on. Keep in mind, we will not know the exact sports that will be available from sportsbook to sportsbook. And, this list is just an estimation based on the habits of other states.

The probable sports that will be available to bet on are:

  • American Football
  • Basketball (Men’s and Women’s)
  • Soccer
  • Baseball
  • Hockey
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship)
  • Boxing
  • Rugby
  • Cricket

However, more sports may be available at different locations. And, keep in mind, many major sporting events are big draws for sportsbooks. So, bigger sporting events will most likely be available for customers to bet on.

Sportsbook Apps Welcome Offers

When sportsbooks apps California launch, they will be competing to be the best sportsbooks app in California. So, the sportsbooks apps California will need to be able to draw in customers. And, that is where a welcome offer comes in.

Many online sportsbooks offer a reward if you download their app. And, typically this reward is given in bonus cash. So, it is a good idea to download the app if you are already a fan of the online sportsbook.

Plus, many online sportsbooks let you create your account through the app. And, you will most likely be able to redeem a welcome offer at this time. Typically, online sportsbooks have the same types of welcome offers. They are:

  • First Bet Risk-Free: An operator may give you the chance to place your first sports bet risk-free. That means that even if you lose, you can still get your money back as bonus cash. This is a great way for new customers to place their first bet.
  • First Deposit Match: This type of welcome offer is very common. It is when customers receive a 100% first deposit match up to a certain amount. Customers will need to place a qualifying deposit to get this offer. And, they will need to meet wagering requirements. The reward is typically delivered as bonus cash into the customer’s account.
  • Sign Up Bonus: This is the most straightforward of the types of welcome offers out there. Basically, a customer receives bonus cash just for creating an account. No deposit is typically needed to claim this offer.

Sportsbooks Apps California Customer Service

Usually, online sportsbooks tend to have the same types of customer service options available. And, they are the same for the online sportsbooks as well as the sportsbooks apps. So, we will look at these customer service options.

The most common types of customer service for online sportsbooks are:

  • Frequently Asked Questions: This is the first place you should look as your question may have already been answered. It is a section that anticipates questions customers may have.
  • Email: You can send an email to ask your question. Or, sometimes it is available as a form on the website.
  • Phone Number: A phone number may be listed on the website for customers to call.
  • Live Chat: This is the quickest and easiest option. A customer service agent will be connected to you in a chat box. You can send them your questions and they will try to get you an answer in a short period of time

Sportsbooks Apps in California Conclusion

Now, you have learned about the landscape of sportsbooks apps in California. And, you have learned which operators will be the first to compete for the best sportsbooks app in California. Plus, you know where the laws stand on sports betting in California.

So, hopefully, you are looking forward to the idea of sports betting in California. And, when sports betting is legalized, online sportsbooks will not be far behind. Then, sportsbooks apps California will most likely be soon after.

Until then, Californians can enjoy the Daily Fantasy Sports operators that are available in the state. Hopefully, online sports betting will be legal in California very soon.

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