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Unlike all the countries that support online gambling globally, the USA is divided across state lines on the legality of online gambling. A handful of states in the US have already approved the legal provision of online casino and sports betting services. Currently, it looks like sports betting in California is next in line, especially since its the largest state in America.
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Is Online Sports Betting Legal in California?

Being the largest state in the United States, California is definitely a profitable potential market for the sports betting industry. In spite of this, online sports betting California activities are still limited because of the structure of the state’s laws. Regarding making various forms of gambling legal, the state still trails behind the other states in the country. Even as the debate continues, few tangible strides have been taken towards legalizing the other numerous kinds of betting that are being permitted in other states.

Sports betting platforms like DraftKings Sportsbook and FanDuel Sportsbook readily waiting for sports betting in California to be legalized. It’s an income hit in the making to be realized. As we speak, in California, there’s no way you can legally enjoy betting on sports events via the internet.

The Status of Gambling in California

In earlier times, during the Gold Rush era, California State was the mecca of betting. It attracted plenty of gamblers, and to date, a lot of people still find gambling a suitable part-time activity. And in case of breaking any of the local gambling laws, there are more or else weightless punishments in the California Penal Code. 

For the most part, betting in California State has been approved via numerous legislative channels. For starters, under the California code, card rooms are within the law. Secondly, the IGRA, Indian Gaming Regulatory Act is a federal law that allows Indian tribes to run casinos. This law was approved after the state tribes successfully contested federal law. 

The Indian casinos offer a large array of games than card rooms do. This is because, in 2000, voters passed a referendum which permitted Indian casinos to provide slots and table games on their premises. Thus, the state works hand in hand with the tribes who pay taxes from the revenue they receive, other than the usual annual license and registration fee.

 State Lottery, Horse Racing and Fantasy Sports

The other channels for betting in California are the state lottery, horse racing venues, and daily fantasy sports. Horse racing was made legal in California as early as 1933. As such, with nearly a century of operation, the state boasts of a gigantic pari-mutuel industry. There are 30 off-track wagering facilities and 6 physical tracks.

The state lottery was legally recognized in 1984, and over the past decade, things have been quite smooth with significant returns. To cater to local sports lovers, in 2016, the state took a stride towards making daily fantasy sports legal.  

So, as we speak, online sports betting California and poker games are the activities that are still illegal. 

 Current Online Sports Betting Laws

Being one of the largest states in the US for professional sports, California is one of the most readily-awaited sports wagering markets in the country. According to the industry experts, there’s plenty of hope for the future thanks to the recent SCOTUS verdict that unlocked the door to legalized sports betting. It’s only a matter of time till sports betting be legalized in California.   

At the moment, however, there are no regulated or licensed ways to wager on sports within the state. Plans are already on for a public referendum on betting on sports, and many politicians are already backing that idea. Till the day when sports betting in California is drafted into law, you can play fantasy sports on sites like FanDuel, and DraftKings. If you love placing wagers on the runners, then you can take a look horse racing betting websites such as TwinSpires.  

What Does the Law Say About Legal Sports Gambling California?

Of late, California has been in a limbo of change as it settles on the path the state will take in the wake of the removal of PASPA. The stage was set when Adam Gray, a member of the state assembly, introduced the ACA 16, a pro-sports betting constitutional amendment. Mr. Gray put forth the bill in a bid to push the legalizing sports betting only if there was a change in federal law.

Fortunately, the SCOTUS ruled in favor of New Jersey’s right to control its own sports gambling. In view of that, the future of online sports betting in California is bright since a bill to set the ball rolling is already in place.

There is a public referendum that is being planned on sports betting as part of the 2020 election cycle which numerous politicians have been supporting. The anticipations are that the current California casinos will firmly push for regulation. As soon as sports betting is legal, you can anticipate all online sports betting services will be offered.

Individual states like New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania already have made headway on the permitting procedure. Like all other US states, the fortune of online sports betting in California is in the hands of the state. Because California has a strong betting history, accompanied by its interest in sports, it is almost a guarantee that they’ll finally make it legal to bet online.

Initially, California State was ruled by the PASPA, Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act. The PASPA was signed into federal law in 1992, and it effectively barred states from controlling and taxing sports betting. 

Regardless of the restrictive sports wagering laws, California state possesses a rich history in betting. It has legal Native American casinos. There are live poker rooms available all over the state. Horse racing is also authorized and very popular. 

However, in case you reside in California, and you would like to wager on sports, the only choice you have is making the short trip to Nevada. There, sports betting is legal and thriving.

What the Future Holds for Online Sports Betting in California

Even as the future of betting on sports online in California is not completely sure, the safe bet is to say that lawful sports wagering will come to the state soon. The PASPA being overturned by the Supreme Court was a game-changer. A substantial number of Californians already support their freedom to make safe and secure sports bets online. 

Now that individual states are free to decide, we all expect that the state will make a move towards the authorization of sports betting.  The pro-authorization movement in California has grown since PASPA was overturned. Preliminary paperwork has been submitted for a constitutional amendment that will allow for the legalization of sports betting. In case it obtains adequate support, it’s planned to be on the ballot in 2020.

California State has what it takes to be a key player in the sports betting world. As the other states across the United States relax their regulations surrounding sports wagering, the only possibility to grow is in the coming years. We, therefore, advise you to be patient and wait ‘til the moment sports betting is legal in California.

What to Expect Once Sport Gambling California is Legal

As we mentioned earlier, betting on sports is not legal in California at the moment. In spite of this, it remains one of the most active states in relation to professional sports fans and teams. California is currently home to 19 pro sports franchises in hockey, soccer, baseball, basketball, and football. Therefore, when sports betting legislation is approved, we certain they’ll all be available for you to wager on.   

Here’s a quick breakdown of the sports that locals will be allowed to wager on as soon as online betting California becomes legal:

NFL Football Betting

California has 4 national football league teams, LA Rams, the San Francisco 49ers, LA Chargers, and Oakland Raiders. In between them, there are 9 Super Bowls, and the most successful is the 49ers with 5.

MLB Baseball Betting

In California, Baseball as a franchise is the most represented sport. The San Diego Padres, the LA Dodgers, LA Angels, Oakland Athletics, the and the San Francisco Giants constitute the 5 teams.

NBA Basketball Betting

Basketball betting is also a popular game in California. The Lakers and the Warriors, the Sacramento Kings, and the Los Angeles Clippers are some of the NBA franchises in California. 

NHL Hockey Betting

The Los Angeles Kings, the Anaheim Ducks, and the San Jose Sharks are the professional California hockey teams. Given that hockey is a low scoring game, money line bets are quite common, same to over/under kind of wagering.

MLS Soccer Betting

3 soccer teams, San Jose Earthquakes, LA Galaxy and Los Angeles FC have their home in California. With the high rate at which soccer is growing in popularity, LA Galaxy is already home to top players like Zlatan Ibrahimovic. California is surely at the forefront of soccer in the US.

As you can see, you will have plenty of choices. You will easily be allowed to back your favorite teams and players on the platforms that will be available then. Apart from all-American brands such as BetAmerica, DraftKings, and FanDuel, lots of globally recognized sports betting brands will launch their services. Brands such as Betfair, Unibet, 888 and William Hill are likely to scoop the opportunity to offer online sports betting services in the largest American state.  

What Should We Expect From the Law?

While there has not been any official communication, we can still speculate on what we’ll expect as soon as sports betting in California is legal. However, we can only hinge our speculations on what other states are already doing. 

Thus, like what we’ve seen in states like New Jersey, we think local online sportsbooks will have to be affiliated directly or indirectly with land-based casinos. Additionally, the online sports betting California sites will use geolocation features to ensure that locals can only wager within state lines.  

For players, there’s obviously going to be an age restriction which we expect to be 21 years old like in any other states. Interested gamers will also have to submit identity information plus their social security numbers to prove that they are who they say they are. 

Parting Shot on Sports Betting in California

While the speculations are real, there’s still no certain time frame for the introduction of sports betting in the state. At the focal point of this delay are the never-ending are the contesting interests of various stakeholders in the Golden State. The 3 units in question are: 

  • Table and card game rooms
  • Tribal interests
  • Racetracks

At this instant, to bring the online betting California dream to life, the state representatives will have to pass a constitutional amendment. Owing to the terms of a 2000 ballot program, the Californian tribal casinos have a de jure jurisdiction over all the types of betting. And this is inclusive of sports betting.

With every dawning day, the California sports betting expanse keeps growing. Initially, there was a lot of back and forth with the law, and as we speak, it looks like things are going to settle. There’s a good chance that the state will follow the footsteps of lots of other states which have legalized fully-fledged online gaming activities. Keep coming back to our website for the latest news and updates about the matter!  

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